Mowery Family Session



It is so exciting when my phone rings and the person on the other end wants to book a session with me!  😆  I sound calm but I assure you I am doing a happy dance on the other end of the phone! It just hasn’t gotten old! I love the opportunity to take pictures of people!  😀  I absolutely HATE saying no – When clients call me I do all I can to get them booked on my schedule. When the Mowery family called the only opening I had for several weeks was for the very next morning.


I was very impressed with how quickly she was able to get her family together and 24 hours later we were out on a very cold but beautiful sunny morning. While there was some shivering and longing for warmth everyone was a trooper and the session was a success!


Starts with K



{Starts with K} Ketchup, Kettle, Knuckle, Knives, Knot, Knowledge, Kilt, Knitting, Knee – Kids  😉  7 awesome kids in one photo session!

Holiday Treat



I spent all day editing…It was a good day for it -with the pouring rain outside- but I will admit I did complain a bit to my husband that I was tired of being behind my computer and needed to do something that evening. He then kindly offered to take me out for dinner  😛 We headed to Pasta Gigi’s where I always order my favorite appetizer – bruschetta – so it wasn’t exactly a {holiday treat} but it definitely is a yummy treat!

I hope none of you are floating away out there!


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