It’s Friday!

I’m so excited! One of our most awesome Georgia friends is flying in this morning for a quick visit! He is on his way back from Hawaii and is taking the time to spend today with us!! 😀

Our first stop will be Slappy Cakes! If you haven’t eaten there you have to try it! So fun! And Yummy!

So I gotta go but here are the rest of this weeks photos for my 365 Project.


My Favorite Thing

308 my favortie thing


One of {my favorite things} is time – Time to spend with family, a good book, to take an adventure, to savor a cup of chai, to take the pictures I want to, to rest, to eat, to laugh and enjoy the company of friends! 🙂

Artificial Light

309 artificial light


One of the things I try to avoid as a photographer is {artificial light} I so prefer natural light! But I’m working on developing my skills in this area because I am learning there is beauty in all light. Always pushing forward to something new!

Enjoy your weekend!


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