Home Sweet Home

I flew home late Monday night and was greeted by someone who looked like my husband but walked like an old man...When I left Jeff 4 days ago he had just injured his back by bending over and picking up his briefcase  :roll:  Which I really shouldn't roll my eyes at since I once did it just cutting my toenail... :roll: Anyway, I've come home to be nurse to my poor hubby. Sadly his back had been steadily getting worse over the weekend. Apparently he was just holding on until I got here because he completely fell apart Tuesday morning [...]


Hello from Kentucky/Ohio

I made it! I had a bit of a run-in with TSA when I brazenly tried to smuggle an elastic hairband (!!!!) in my pocket through security  :roll:  I was pulled off to the side and given a detailed outline of just how exactly I was going to be "frisked" (groped) :-o because of my blatant disregard for their security procedures - never mind I had taken my coat, boots, belt, watch off and taken my laptop out of the bag... I laughed at her explanation and told her I had been "groped" (abused) 8-O in Berlin at the airport [...]


I’m leaving on a jet plane…

Some day I will have visited all 50 states. Why? Because I want to... :roll:  I was born with the NEED to travel, explore, wander... How many states have you been to? This week I will make it 45 - I have been holding at 44 for YEARS! I found a photography conference (which in and of itself I am excited about) in Covington Kentucky which is just across the Ohio river from Ohio so even if I have to swim I will be crossing that state off my list!   :lol: Which states are missing? Alaska, N/S Dakotas, Oklahoma [...]


I need a weekend for my weekend!

Does anyone else feel like they need some time to recover from a busy, exhausting weekend? I do! We traveled to the east side of the state and stayed up late watching basketball games, got up early to walk a restless dog, took dog out many times for extra exercise and reassurance.  Slept on a bed much smaller, softer and lower than I'm used to. Ate pancakes twice in one day followed by haystacks and pie - because if Grammy says eat you do... 8-O But then for some reason you are hungry and before you know it you are [...]


Yesterday it was Sunny…

My hubby, Lucy and I had a spontaneous trip to the beach. It simply could not have gone better! It was our first overnight in a hotel trip with Lucy. I was a tad nervous about staying in a "pet friendly" room - would it be smelly and dirty? Happily no (she did immediately find a bone under the bed however...) She (Lucy) was a rock star - Is it that we are awesome puppy parents or was she naturally born that way? I don't know and I don't care but I was shocked, amazed and thrilled that the girl [...]


Home Sweet Home

I LOVE to travel, to wander, to have plans to go SOMEWHERE ;-) I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 5 days (except the long car rides :roll: ) but, frankly I'm ready to stay home for awhile  :-?  I'm happy I am home and I'm home two days earlier than planned  :lol:  I've been busy taking pictures of seniors, outdoor school and houses for sale all of which need to be edited and delivered. I am thankful to have a full calendar for the rest of the month! 8-)  But that means I need time to edit and stay on [...]


Senior – William Hamby

While I went to Walla Walla this weekend for other reasons I was happy to have the opportunity to squeeze in a Senior Session for William. He will be graduating from Wall Walla University's School of Business this year. He has exciting plans to travel to Indonesia and help establish a school. I don't believe college is easy for anyone. It takes hard work and dedication to see it through. When you can see that bright shining light at the end of the tunnel, it is truly an exciting time of life! His future is bright and exciting!  8-)   Today 281/365 [...]



Being a photographer isn't a hobby for me. It's not a side job I do in my spare time. This is my job and I'm trying very hard to be successful and contribute to the family budget. I've discovered quickly the need to "diversify" as much as possible in order to make it. This suits my personality perfectly! In addition to taking portraits of families and individuals I also take landscapes. I LOVE to wander and in my wanderings I often come across some of the most beautiful scenery! Through the wonderful magic of photography it doesn't have to be [...]


New Beginnings

The holiday weekend is flying by! And for the first time Jeff and I actually went somewhere for the long weekend! We have been enjoying some gorgeous landscapes in the Washington Peninsula. I absolutely LOVE going places I have never been! We have also returned to some stunning locations we visited about 15 years ago and fell in love with. I hope you had a chance to enjoy the holiday weekend!     I absolutely fell in love with this lodge! Build in 1927 Lake Quinault Lodge oozes American history. It take you back to America's glory days when things [...]


Wedding Weekend!

Hope and Will Wedding morning dawned with smokey hazy air and a fiery red sunrise. A perfect beginning to this couples wedding day! What a blessing to share in my lovely niece's big day.  I don't think I have ever seen a more excited bride! These two are simply head over heals in love with each other! They are thrilled that the rest of their lives will be spent in a perfect partnership built on the promises they made to each other. Will is strong, patient and generous with his time and energy for Hope. Hope has always been the [...]

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