Ravins Family – Hood River, OR {Family Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

I’m a Northwest girl through and through. I love this area! When the Ravins family reached out and invited me to photograph them in their home town of Hood River I was excited! I love that town! I lived there when I was very small but I’ve always thought I would love living there again (except there’s no Target, PDX and the beach are too far away)  😯  But besides that it seems pretty perfect!

It is an awesome place for a photo shoot! Love the historic downtown, the river where we shot this time. But there is so much variety and beauty there I hope to have another opportunity!


Rachel and I picked a date that would work for me to drive over and wonder of wonders it was even a sunny day!

I had met Rachel and her husband Tim before. But this would be my first opportunity to meet there adorable little ones – Hannah and Will.


Sometimes little ones are reluctant to work with the strange lady with a camera.  😉  I never let that bother me. I simply focus on what I can shoot. Sometimes that means kids are snuggled with a parent, or hiding behind their favorite stuffed toy or just playing in their own world. I immediately work on building trust with the little ones. Eventually they warm up to me – especially if one sibling caves first – then I play up how much fun we are having which inevitably draws the other one{s} in 😀


But the real secret is bubbles – Always have bubbles! Your pictures won’t be “posed” but you will capture the kids in a natural way that is far more beautiful and truly what families want captured in photographs.


Thank you Ravins family. I had a lovely afternoon with you! I hope you love your photos!


Project 366



She’s such a good model! Sweet thing she doesn’t have a clue what I’m doing but she is getting more patient with me and my camera.  😀



So this is an example of a day where taking a photo for the specific prompt or any photo at all just wasn’t going to happen. After nearly 2 years of this project I’m growing a bit weary… So when I snapped this with my cell phone I didn’t intend for it to be my photo of the day. But then I headed out for the evening without my camera and I realized if I was going to post that day this photo was my only option. Having said all that I will point out his eyes are closed – and not in the cool moody musician sort of way just in the plain I caught him in a blink way.  🙄  So now you know…

Leaves dsc_6009


I fully expected to post some really cool red fall leaves for this photo. But after spending the afternoon at Field to Vase Dinner Tour I had to share some of the gorgeousness they had on display! It looked like April in there with all the tulips and lilys. Just gorgeous! Much more on this shoot later.

Thanks for stopping by – I appreciate it!



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