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I’m not gonna lie – the weather has been STRESSING ME OUT  🙁  There is nothing like driving into PDX with the windshield whippers on wondering A) Why on earth the weathermen can’t get it right (predicted a dry morning with rain only in the afternoon) B.  Will it ever stop raining on Sundays?

When I called Shelly to see if they wanted to reschedule her answer couldn’t have been better – nope this is where we live lets go for it! So we did and it totally paid off!

This large family was a dream to work with. 5 kids – no problem! Every single one of them (even Dad)  😉  was awesome. Which helped make the session fun.


This was the first time I have used this location and I loved it! The Fall colors were perfect and while there were umbrellas involved between shots it all worked out. collage3

Actually the rain helps make the colors more vivid and I love the reflections from the concrete and wood.


This location off of Naito Parkway also offers some covered space which we took advantage of. I LOVE the red walls and old windows! Thank you Erwin Family for a fun shoot on a rainy Sunday morning! Your positive attitude on a rainy morning was inspiring!

Project 366

Change of Seasondsc_4841


When Winter changes to Spring it is beautiful. When Spring changes to Summer it is beautiful. When Summer changes to Fall it is breathtaking. When Fall changes to Winter ~ I struggle to find the beauty… A blanket of snow would be helpful!  😀

Starts with D -Dangerous!dsc_6817


Braxlee is his name and he is such a cutie!!! 9 months might just be the perfect baby age in my opinion!

A Noisedsc_0342


It’s true when they are little you wish for less noise. But then they leave and it is oh so quiet….

Ty visited us a couple weeks ago. He was in another room and I suddenly heard it…he was playing his guitar. Something we use to hear on a daily basis. Tears sprang to my eyes. Oh how I miss the noises of my boys…

I am thankful for dsc_7013


I am thankful for the beauty of nature. It’s November and there is still color and beauty to be found. From a distance my hydrangea looks pretty sad, but up close, and with the right angle the colors are still vivid thanks to the rain wetting the petals.

dsc_7068 321/366

I needed to take back drop shots for the graphic I made for my grand opening. I was feeling rushed and overwhelmed and frankly didn’t know if I would get to it. But as I pulled into my driveway I noticed the light was right. So I grabbed my camera and a basket of stuff and I headed out to the picnic table. As I began puttering my first thought was “I wish I had one of my more creative friends here to help me” but I decided to give myself a break and just started moving stuff around and I felt my shoulders relaxing and my heart lightening. The colors of nature are so vivid! Its amazing how gathering different bits and arranging them can be a calming experience.

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  1. Cousin Diane November 18, 2016 at 7:36 pm - Reply

    Your photography is as beautiful as you. Congrats on 3 years! Wish I was there for your “come and go” reception. ..sounds like fun. See you soon 🙂

    • Shelly November 19, 2016 at 8:22 am - Reply

      I wish you could be here too! But you will get your own private tour when you are here! Looking forward to Christmas with you!

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