Denon Family {Family Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

I met the Denon family last year. Natalie contacted me after seeing my work displayed at Lava Java in Ridgefield. It was a very exciting moment for me because I didn’t know the Denon’s and here was a call out of the blue wanting to book a family session. When we did their family session last year it was a hot sunny afternoon with no worries about the weather. This year would be a different story…


Guy and Natalie are laid back, easy to talk to and a joy to work with. We had a fun hour in the Pearl District of PDX. I love photographing down there. So many textures to work with for fantastic backgrounds! During the Fall season the colors are amazing!


It’s always very exciting and rewarding when a family returns for another session the next year. The funnest part is seeing how much the little ones have changed during that time. But it is also more relaxed because it’s not a first meeting.

Honestly, Aubrey didn’t want much to do with me last year. This year we were holding hands and chatting it up. She is such a little doll! She has the most remarkable eyes! I love the gold and blue.


Gabe is such a handsome little man who loves the camera and I hope he never “grows” out of that! With gorgeous dark eyes that you just fall into! Watch out girls!


This year we had to reschedule, and then reschedule again – desperately hoping to find a window of good weather during this record breaking wet month! But all that paid off with a perfect Fall afternoon in the Pearl District of PDX.


Thank you Denon Family! I hope you love your pictures! I’m looking forward to next year!

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Meet Will – He is obviously {A}dorable! I met Will and his family Friday in Hood River for their Family Session.  😀  You know how I feel about little boys…



My instincts are to move in, get close – I have to deliberately tell myself to {pullback} when I’m shooting. That’s the thing about being a photographer – you develop your eye and you have to trust it. But you also have to be willing to always look for the different perspectives. For me that means stop, take a breath, look around, take a few steps back and look again.

Autumn dsc_4846


I really can’t get enough of {Autumn} – Why doesn’t it last as long as Summer or Winter? It just seems to go by so quickly! The colors are there and then gone… And even though this year it has been an over the top, ridiculously wet {Autumn} I have still seen the beauty out there every day. I can’t believe tomorrow is November!

Lucy news –


Baby girl moved in a year ago! Hard to believe! Last year at this time there were sleepless nights, accidents in the house and a constant worry that hadn’t been present in our lives since bringing a newborn home from the hospital!


Happily we no longer have those worries or stresses. She is a solid member of the family and I can’t imagine not having her!

Happy Monday! Enjoy the beauty between the rain drops!




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