10 Things about me as a – Teenager

I was a jock - I went to school for three reasons - sports, friends, and boys. I wanted to be on the Women's Olympic Volleyball Team and secretly wondered if I was good enough The scariest moment of my teenage years was climbing the CAA water tower. I did it twice and it scared the pee out of me both times! I lived in the same home within walking distance of the high school for all four years. My "friends" frequently broke in and trashed my room! Of course I returned the favor... My Senior year I was asked [...]



I have a love/hate relationship with learning! I love it unless it keeps falling out of my head and then it's just frustrating!!! :-( Or when I know I have a lot to learn and I'm just impatient with the process. Or if I have 500 steps to learn and I've forgotten step 49 and now nothing is working! I've worked and continue to work very hard at learning photography. The easy part for me is picking up my camera and pressing the shutter. But even that I have learned I can improve on. 8-) There are so many aspects [...]


Always be ready for Plan B – The Akrawi Family

It was the perfect setting along the river with a lovely family, awesome light conditions and interesting backgrounds. But it wasn't my original plan - it was Plan B... Plan A was to meet at Esther Short Park in Vancouver. Fortunately I have a habit of getting to my shoot locations early and since I had not had a photo session there before I went extra early - THANKFULLY - I thought I had covered my basis. I had looked up the events schedule for the  park and nothing was scheduled. What I should have done was also check the [...]


Bokeh, This humbles me

Bokeh 215/365 When I first started really paying attention to photography I began to notice the details of a picture. I noticed how some pictures had everything in focus and some pictures had the foreground in focus but the background were all blurry.... I wondered about that.  Now I understand Depth of Field (DOF). When you want a blurred background or {bokeh} you are looking for a shallow DOF - like in the picture above. But when you are shooting landscapes or group pictures or any picture where you want to include all the details then you want a deep/wide [...]


White on white/What’s in my bag/A low angle

 White on White 205/365 I was actually really looking forward to taking a {White on White} photo. But timing is everything and when this prompt ended up on THE DAY I would be seeing both of my boys at the same time for the first time in 6 weeks the only picture I managed was handing my iphone to a friend and asking him to take a picture to document the special occasion! White is actually a difficult color to photograph.  It tends to want to blow out and you lose details.  I will shoot this prompt at another time. [...]


Blurry/Stripes/My View Today

Blurry As a photographer the one thing I absolutely never want to see is any of my pictures to turn out {blurry} - {blurry} is a bad word to me... But it does happen and I'm usually crushed when it does...Blur happens when the shutter speed is too slow to capture the movement of the subject...But I have to remind myself that a {blurry} picture can actually be used to enhance the feeling of motion which when done right can be a cool effect...So it was an interesting experience to be intentional about trying to capture a {blurry} photograph... I [...]


An Arrangement/Cherish This

An Arrangement 173/365 {An Arrangement} could be an agreement I have with someone...I absolutely love an organized, tidy, producing garden! {An Arrangement} I have with my garden is that I will plant, fertilize, water, weed, admire and it should produce to my hearts content! {An Arrangement} how something(s) are organized - like a bouquet of flowers, or books on a shelf, canisters on a counter or plants in a garden... The weeds seen in the picture are certainly not part of my arrangement! And happily they are now gone... {An Arrangement} a way to organize something or someone... This I [...]


Summer/A Pop of Color/Where I Stand

Summer 163/365 Oh my goodness it has been a crazy busy weekend... Which is a good thing! {Summer} is here the weather continues to be perfect which means I get to take more photo sessions!   Friday I made a day trip to WW to photograph this lovely family... They had one son who would be graduating from University that Sunday and the other son will be deployed to Afghanistan in a few short weeks and this was their opportunity to be all together as a family and have their pictures taken... So I grabbed my mom and hopped in the [...]


Honor/A Black-White Edit

Honor 145/365 While I have had some family members who have served in the military, they have all come home safely... I can't imagine the grief of losing someone who has gone away to fight for their country... I think it is entirely appropriate that our nation has a day to {honor} remember them... Memorial Day also remembers those who served and have died... I had the privilege to photograph this military funeral a few years back... It was so moving...beautiful, powerful... So when I was considering what to shoot for {honor} I decided to go back to that cemetery... There is [...]


Energy/Negative Space/Together

Energy 142/365 I'm embarrassed to show the above picture... The whole point to this project is to improve my photography skills, not take desperate pictures with my iphone... I simply was not inspired by {energy} - time for word game - {energy} = batteries, chargers, outlets, power lines....Bouncing kids came to mind but I didn't have any handy... So I went with the {energy} that comes from food...The day was coming to an end and I was desperate... Plus I was feeling a bit drained emotionally... The time for Ty to graduate and leave is fast approaching and if that wasn't enough [...]

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