To be honest sometimes, for a brief time, I like things {messy}…
But then I snap and can’t handle it another second…
{Messy} means I’m busy, rushed, needed, focused on more important things…
But then it happens…
I’m suddenly in the middle of an organization jag and it can hit at any time…
First thing in the morning, late at night, on the weekend…
When it hits it has to be done and nothing else matters, and then it feel so good!
Then I love tidy, organized and everything in its place.  I will actually keep it that way until the busyness overtakes me again. 🙂

One of the challenges in being a photographer is being organized!
When you take hundreds of pictures during one session for one client and then another and then another it is imperative you keep yourself organized with your work flow and editing as well as communicating with each client!

I not so secretly would like to be a pumpkin, sunflower farmer….
Why? I have no idea why growing pumpkins makes my heart sing but it does!

I love everything that is growing in my garden right now but those pumpkins have a special place in my heart!!!

They are so tiny and unassuming…

They could be a fat zucchini or cucumber…
But they grow and grow and then the magically turn orange and it is the coolest!!!!

Of course everything in the garden starts out {tiny} and I wait patiently for it to grow to just the perfect size and then we eat it!!!
This week I have made dinner with zucchini, squash, broccoli, peas, peppers, basil all from my own garden!

If you need any zucchini, squash, basil I have plenty come on by!!

Next: A summer drink, A few.


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