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I have travel goals and I take them seriously. Does anyone else share this passion with me? Of course as a photographer one of the joys of traveling is finding those unique landscapes to capture with my camera and bring home. Landscape photography is very therapeutic for me and the best souvenir I can bring home from a trip are some gorgeous shots. 

I have been VERY blessed with opportunities to travel. So the majority of the places I’ve been to have, for the most part, just happened. Because of my job or life’s circumstances I have had lots of opportunities to travel. But those opportunities seemed to be slowing down for me the past few years. So I realized I would need to be more deliberate if I wanted to accomplish my travel goals.

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Will be my #48

I have 47 States and I fully intend to have all 50 within the next year and a half. I have come to realize that I will never accidentally wander through my last remaining states and therefore need a deliberate plan.

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Thankfully, I have a pretty cool friends and family who have helped nudge me along. Thanks to Becky’s encouragement we are now the proud owners of plane tickets to Oklahoma. Yes friends it’s true. I will be checking that elusive, hard to get State off of my list April 3rd.  😀  Becky couldn’t think of anything more exciting to do on her Spring Break then take a trip with her wacky friend to Oklahoma.

The itinerary at this point includes flying into Tulsa, visiting The Mercantile of Pioneer Woman fame in Pawhuska, wandering, eating, laughing and I’m sure getting lost a time or two. Maybe just maybe we will see a twister FAR, FAR off in the distance… 

Have you been to Oklahoma? What are your thoughts on the State? I would love to hear about your Oklahoma adventures if you have one!


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  1. Jill March 7, 2017 at 3:46 pm - Reply

    What are the last two states you’re missing?

    • Shelly March 7, 2017 at 3:48 pm - Reply

      Arkansas – Which we will try to sneak across the boarder while we are in OK and then Alaska – the plan is to go there for my 50th birthday 😉

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