Happy Momma! Spring Break 2016

My boys are home! We will be leaving for the beach Sunday. I could not be more excited! We have not been together as a family of 4 under one roof since Thanksgiving! While we have seen each other its just not the same as having them home!

Jeff and I came up with a plan. We planned to WIN!

I noticed that I have some friends that win with their kids because of certain advantages – usually in the form of vacation homes, plane tickets or other goodies that insure their kids will come home for the holidays. After surviving Christmas without our oldest home I told my husband we needed a WIN for Spring Break. Unfortunately we couldn’t spring for cruise or plane tickets. However, we were able to rent a beach house on the Oregon coast and it did the trick! WE WIN!!!  😆 

I’m just so thankful for anytime I have with my kids these days. There is something indescribable about having your family under the one roof. Everyone safe and healthy really is something to be tremendously grateful for. I never want to take these precious moments for granted.

I have no idea where my kids will be this Summer. It’s an interesting time of life for them. Josh is sending his resume to Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho and Washington (so far) looking for an internship. Ty will most likely be home working here but has the potential to find work elsewhere. It’s next to impossible to plan Summer vacation time with them. Gone are the days where they were our little hostages and they had to go where and when we told them!  😆 

So, even if it pours rain on us every day I don’t care. {Don’t get me wrong of course I’m hoping that our overly productive clouds will finally dry up having nothing left to give}. We will have yummy food, games and each other so rain or shine it will be awesome!

Do any of you have strategies for louring your kiddos (adults) home? Please share! While I would like to believe having fantastic parents is enough to lure them our way I am a realist  😉 

I’m very thankful for our memories and the opportunities we have had as a family!




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