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I was stressing because I didn’t know how I was going to find time for my own family shoot! How would that look?!  😆  It’s like the cobbler with out shoes!  Sometimes the best things happen spontaneously! Last year we had sunshine and time to go to a Christmas Tree Farm and do our family shoot there. This year a combination of weather and availability meant there was no time on the weekends to shoot and with it getting dark so early a week night wasn’t a possibility because of Jeff’s job. Grrrrrr. Thanksgiving Day’s forecast was for torrential rain…

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the boys and I had gone shopping early in the day. We were headed home when the sun actually peaked through the clouds. My kids had new clothes that they were excited about and I began thinking I might be in a good position to coax them into a photo session in the back yard.


I’m so thankful for these two. I’m thankful for their health. That they are both able to attend the college of their choice. That they are thriving as the face the stresses of college life while living independently. I’m thankful they like each other and I’m thankful for every minute I get to spend with them!

Project 366

Free Choice



I love candles, twinkly lights, green boughs, all of which have moved into my home and office! Now lets bring on the snow!




I’m very excited to be expanding my office! With the additional space I plan to be able to do some studio work. I will have the room to do professional head shots and children but not families or large groups. I’m looking forward to this growth. I’m currently enjoying the nesting phase!

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I LOVE visitors! Stop by and I will give you the 2 second tour! 🙂 And of course please plan to come by December 11th between 2-4pm for food and visiting!



I was stressing about the {fancy} prompt. I don’t do fancy…. Then I saw the hot chocolate I splurged on. That’s as fancy as I get folks!

I hope your weekend includes Christmas music, twinkly lights, good food and laughter!




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