What does your BRAVE self look like? Vancouver, WA Family Photographer

Have you ever watched someone struggle over something that is just so EASY for you? In fact, it’s so easy for you, that you are struggling to muster up any empathy or patience for their struggle? Or is it just me?

As individuals we all have our share of strengths and weaknesses to deal with. What is easy for you can be the scariest monster ever imagined for me. So the question is

“What does your brave look like?” 

As I mentioned in last weeks blog being BRAVE is not moving because the fear is gone – Its moving in spite of it.  That looks different for everyone. It may be standing up and speaking in front of others even though your palms are sweating and your tongue feels too big for your mouth. Or perhaps, its finding the courage to take that first class to learn something new. Whatever it is I wonder what your BRAVE will look like this week. Perhaps it will be the courage to stop doubting yourself, stop using mean words to describe yourself (or others).

As we grow, things that use to terrify us no longer do (Or some stay with us – my fear of snakes for example – I have NO DESIRE to overcome that fear. I am very happy with it thank you) Or things that never bothered us – now filled with fear over. 

I have what I would describe as a situational fear of heights.  When I was at the top of the Eiffel Tower I happily leaned over the rail so I could look straight down. I have pressed against windows from the very top of the Twin Towers as I watched helicopters flying below me. Clearly I have a strong faith in the infrastructure. While another time I have found myself in a full blown panic attack at the top of a hiking trail when suddenly I found myself on a narrow path that dropped off to nothingness on both sides… (it wasn’t pretty tears and crawling were involved)  Others times I find myself wading through frigid water because I can’t muster up the courage to walk across a log that is only 5 feet off the ground.

The actual log that I really truly tried to be BRAVE and cross and ended up wading the river 

Yesterday my BRAVE was trusting someone else

I have been drawn to rock climbing for sometime. It doesn’t seem like something I should want to do, but I love the challenge so I’m willing to push myself out of my comfort zone.  There is an awesome climbing gym in Vancouver WA called The Source http://sourceclimbing.com/  I am so happy to have discovered. I have no trouble going up…but once I’m up (40 feet up!) there is that moment when you have to just let go…  Several of the routes have auto belay. Which simply means some sort of gizmo at the top is responsible for your life and if its working properly it will, after letting you fall just a touch, gently lower you safely to the ground.  In that moment of deciding to let go is when I have to put my big girl pants on and be BRAVE!  Complete strangers have had to coax me to let go. I have tried climbing down instead of trusting the self belay… But ultimately, I do, eventually, let go…. and I SCREAM every single time!!!  I have been doing this for several weeks now which doesn’t seem to matter. That first time still fills me with dread and I have to psych myself up to let go…

at the top trying to let go…

Yesterday I took a 2 hour climbing class where among other things I learned how to belay. When you belay you are now the anchor for the climber. They are dependant on you and your equipment (mostly the equipment) to keep them from falling to their deaths. During the process of the class we learned how to properly use our equipment, tie knots, the proper verbal ques etc. and we practice with the other beginners in the class. 😯  It takes some BRAVE to belay someone else for the first time as well as allowing them to belay you! 

The grand finale is everyone takes a turn climbing and at some point, without warning, you are to “fall” so the newby holding your life rope can “practice” saving your life. 

BRAVE (deep breath)

Happily everyone involved survived and I can now belay people! Which is FUN! 

Today I pitch my photography skills to an organization in hopes they will choose to hire me. That is what my BRAVE will look like today. I will be setting myself up for rejection or success. Either way I know it will be OK.  Sometimes BRAVE is just breathing in a moment of disappointment, frustration and fear. 

I would so love to hear from you. What does your BRAVE look like today?



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