Time to Plan for Mother’s Day!!!

Have you ever had a great idea that was too late to execute? I do it all the time! I think “Oh I should have!” when it is too late to get it done. ๐Ÿ™„

Here is your chance! If you book a session with me now you will have your pictures in plenty of time to give to Mom for her big day. Photo sessions come in many different ways – they could be

  • Just the little Ones – This session is just the kiddos – perfect gift for Grandma, Aunts, Sisters, your wife – whoever in your life would cherish having beautiful photos of the precious little ones in the family – We all know they don’t stay little for long!
  • DSC_0930
  • DSC_4381


  • Just the Family Session – Get your gorgeous family together outside in the beautiful NW for a fun, relaxed photo session that will show off your families personality – Something you and all the Moms in your life will cherish having!
  • DSC_9336
  • 243 Blue
  • Just the Family + a Few Moreย – Do you live near your siblings and their family? What if you combined forces (split the cost) and did a joint session? – Have all the grand-kids in one picture or even include the grandparents in the photo?
  • DSC_1466
  • DSC_3628
  • DSC_3588
  • DSC_7866
  • DSC_3762
  • collage

For all pricing and details of what each session includes scroll up and click on the Pricing tab. I would love to take advantage of the stunning Spring colors out right now so call me at 798-2983 or email me at info@shellyfryphotography and we will get you scheduled.


AND – if you would prefer (or alsoย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I have some beautiful landscapes for sale. So perhaps you would rather get Mom some art for her walls? Scroll up to view some of my Landscapes (under portfolio tab at the very bottom) Pricing varies depending on size and material printed on. I would love to show you what I have let me know if you would like to stop by and take a look.

These are what I currently have on hand. I can order any other print you choose but it takes 10 days so that would need to be placed ASAP


Farmers Market – Canvas Wrap – In Stock

62 free choice

Spring Bloom – Canvas Wrap – In Stock


Red – Aluminum – On Order


The Blessing – printed on aluminum – in stock


Royal – printed on birch wood – in stock


Willamette Crossing – Aluminum Wrap – In stock


Beauty in Ruin – Printed on Birch Wood – In Stock


Ridgefield Lane – Canvas Wrap- In Stock


Giants of the Gorge – Canvas Wrap


Sunrise on the Farm – Canvas Wrap- In Stock


Forest Park – Aluminum – In Stock


Gone Fishin – Canvas Wrap – In Stock

I hope you see something you like! I would love to hear from you! Mother’s Day is May 10thย  ๐Ÿ˜€



Oh my goodness baby goats are the cutest! I had the chance to visit a friend who had 3 of these little adorable creatures! Needless to say they handled the spotlight really well! ๐Ÿ˜Ž I will admit this isn’t a great {bokeh} example but the blurry background is present and what I really wanted was to capture was this kids cuteness!

A Dreaded TaskDSC_728393/366

Need I say more? Why is it that putting the new role on is such a {dreaded task}? Based on the feedback I received from my Instagram feed I am not alone in this struggle!ย  ๐Ÿ˜†

DSC_7304 94/366

Yesterday was one of the days where I was busy, distracted and just didn’t have time to think about my photo prompt of {paper}. So when we finally slowed down and grabbed Lucy and headed to PDX to walk across the Tilikum Crossing I lugged my camera with me fretting about finding {paper} to take a picture of. Then, when we stopped for nourishment, there it was!! Under my burger of all places!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰

This was a VERY Long post! Sorry about that! But if you would please, please share this one it really helps me get the word out to people I wouldn’t normally reach. Basically you are helping me advertise and I appreciate you so much! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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