10 Things about me as a – Newlywed

  1. I was beyond happy to be married to the guy who stole my heart at 16!
  2. After 6 months of marriage we packed our table and bedroom furniture (all we had) and drove from College Place, WA. to Orlando, Fla. in a Dodge Colt without air-conditioning or any horse power to speak of…
  3. Initially I was EXCITED to be moving to Florida and seeing more of the “World” – Very quickly I would change my mind and begin hoping and praying for a move back to the NW
  4. We spent the first 9 years of our marriage in the South. We lived in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and back to Tennessee
  5. I took a year off college, when we moved to Florida. I was the receptionist in Human Resources at Florida Hospital. I had to be polite to rude people – it didn’t last long… 😯
  6. We bought my first Jeep in Orlando and my second Jeep in Georgia after getting hired to teach. We would also end up trading that Jeep in for our first mini van after baby one showed up  😥
  7. When I was first married I didn’t think I would ever have kids
  8. During my time in the South I had my most terrifying life experience when Josh at 18 months was bit by a Cotton Mouth. I will never forget the feeling of shear terror when I realized what had just happened.
  9. I secretly believed I was failing as a mom every day  🙁
  10. We made some of the best friends during our time in the South!

I Adore ThisDSC_7058


This was my month to host book club. I absolutely {adore} our group. It has gone through some changes over the years but bottom line the table is surrounded by interesting, unique, beautiful, intelligent women. We get to eat good food and discuss books that we sometimes love and sometimes hate. The value in the friendships and the opportunity to learn from another’s perspective is priceless! I feel very fortunate to be part of this group!

Less is MoreDSC_7096


As I considered this prompt {less is more} all I could think of initially were the things I actually want more of  🙄  But then as I looked at the Gerber Daisies I had I realized that sometimes the beauty of something is found when you look at it through a tighter frame.  I will be selling this beauty! I am trying to decide if I should order it on aluminum or canvas…

Oh the GLORIOUS warmth of the sunshine! I cannot get enough of it! And it will be here ALL WEEK!!!  😎  😎

Have you thought about Mother’s Day on May 10th? It will be here soon!


Next: A Connection, Self-Portrait  😯


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