Shine or Stink it’s up to you

 I was pulled into a FB “discussion” which involved someone making a harsh judgement about something they had never participated or personally witnessed. Words like disgusting, cruel, inhumane, abusive, among others were used. I made one statement because I did have first hand knowledge of the topic. What troubled me about the whole “conversation” was the willingness to jump on the bandwagon without any real knowledge about what was being discussed. Perhaps it is something that needs to be changed but is getting on a public forum like FB and venting your opinions to the point where you are actively accusing an organization of willingly participating in something vile really the way to go about it?

As I suggested in my one comment on the FB post, simply go to the people who could answer your questions. Research, question and from there take the next steps you feel compelled to take. In short my advice is act like adults. Adults who are educated, well mannered and an example to the next generation.

It troubles me how quickly we attack, assume, condemn….

It’s a reminder for me to slow down, use my brain, ask intelligent question and avoid jumping on that stupid bandwagon {what is that anyway?}

So this weeks life lesson for me is take a breath, use my brain and ask intelligent, thoughtful questions before I make a decision. 


Today I will work on showing kindness and love to everyone I meet. No matter how slow they are driving… 🙄 


PS This was supposed to be posted yesterday. I was distracted by our MASSIVE snow fall. 🙂 Hope you are enjoying it!


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