Lucy is home!

Oh my…

Lucy is home! The day finally arrived…and so did the night 😐  But we will survive! Yes, our sleep is interrupted and our freedom somewhat limited at this time, but we are head over heals with this little one. We have decided in addition to being ADORABLE she is also super smart! After only a day she has figured out to ring the bell on the door when she “needs to go out” However, I have noticed this morning it is more of I “want” to go out…

So bear with me as for awhile as I become one of THOSE people who constantly post pictures, and talks about how cute their puppy is…

In addition to potty training our first obstacle this week is kennel training. Our first attempt we failed miserably and ended up with a freaked out puppy which gave me flashbacks to the days of being a new mom and trying to decided if we should let the baby cry it out or pick them up and cuddle them. So wish us luck as we face some trying days ahead  😯 So far getting ready this morning was more challenging than when I had toddlers! 😯

They say timing is everything and the fact that Miss Lucy came home in the middle of a very busy Fall photography season and the beginning of the rains is  evidence that our timing is a bit off…


What Motivates Me



{What motivates me} is working with lovely people and giving them pictures that they will treasure. I absolutely love my job! Nothing thrills me more than hearing that my clients are happy with their photos! Family is such a beautiful thing and to have the opportunity to capture the love and connection among family members makes me want to do it over and over again! More on this beautiful family on Wednesday’s blog.




Lucy is an Australian Shepherd which is {unique} to us. We have only had Golden Retrievers before so we are busy learning all about her. We notice that she already tries to herd us when we are walking with her. Some have suggested we get some sheep for her. That’s not gonna happen…




Yep, she’s {mine} – I promise to make an effort in my next blog post to include something other than pictures of Lucy 🙂 But she is the cutest pup in all the land! 😉


Next: Stay tuned – the pup has finally fallen asleep at my feet and frankly I’m afraid to move or I will wake her!  😯


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