What I do best?

{What I do best} – If you were to answer that question for yourself what would you say?

Are you known for something that you are amazing at? Are you the “go to person” in a specific area? This can be very affirming for a person or, in some cases, a burden if you are taken advantage of.

I believe it would be easier for most of us to answer this question for someone else rather than ourselves…

I also believe that we would be much quicker with our list of what we can’t do well…

A sad truth…

But it doesn’t have to be. Just because we have been, doesn’t mean we always have to be a certain way. We can grow, move forward and even continue to blossom!

About 2 years ago I read a book by Ann Voskamp “One Thousand Gifts”. It changed me. Her writing style is very different and I had some difficulty with the flow. But the message struck a deep chord in me. Since reading her book I have consistently written down things I’m thankful for each day during my devotion time. In this past year I had some days were I just wanted to WALLOW in everything that was going wrong or just simply not going – I would FORCE myself to write down things I was thankful for – because the REALITY of my life in the midst of disappointments, fear, grief, stagnation, frustration, rejection 🙁 – I ALWAYS had something to be THANKFUL for! I am currently in the middle of my 4th 1000 gifts list and yes there are repeats on the list. My family, friends, health, home, pumpkins, flowers, make regular appearances on the list because I continue to be so very thankful for them. 🙂

Reminding myself to be consistently thankful for my everyday blessings big and small has changed me for the better. Am I known for it? No I don’t think so – but I know that one of things {I do best} is being thankful

What I do best





262 love


Because I {love} this past weekend was a challenge! Dropping my “baby” off at college and driving a way is much more difficult when you {love} the kid! In order to put off the good bye part for as long as possible I suggested a trip to Ice-Burg  😆  Where I indulged in something else I {love} –  dipping my hot french fries into my yummy milkshake! 😉


I just {love} him so much!


This is an awesome quilt my mom made from Ty’s favorite T-shirts. He {love}s it! A perfect bedspread for his new room!


Notice the “bookshelves” are filled with {love} uh I mean food  🙄




There is a lovely crispness in the air each morning. 😆

Leaves are red, pumpkins are orange and I have a nice stack of {chopped} wood ready for a cozy fire in the fireplace! I’m ready!


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