New Beginnings

The holiday weekend is flying by! And for the first time Jeff and I actually went somewhere for the long weekend! We have been enjoying some gorgeous landscapes in the Washington Peninsula. I absolutely LOVE going places I have never been! We have also returned to some stunning locations we visited about 15 years ago and fell in love with. I hope you had a chance to enjoy the holiday weekend!     I absolutely fell in love with this lodge! Build in 1927 Lake Quinault Lodge oozes American history. It take you back to America's glory days when things [...]


Grand Opening Today

      Come by today from 3-6 I'm very excited to share my new studio space with you. I hope you can stop by this afternoon from 3-6. I've settled into my space and happily (finally) got light fixtures installed yesterday! So there is still some work to do but I'm up and running stop by and say Hi.  :lol: Candid 238/365 During a photo session I try to stay very alert with my camera ready at all times. While there is plenty of posing during a session I do enjoy getting {candid} shots along the way. Often times [...]


Four – Books – Pale – Skin

Summer is racing by! I'm thrilled that tomorrow my niece will be getting married! I'm so excited to share in this long awaited day! I'm sure she will be a stunning bride! But sadly, I will also be saying goodbye to my son who only stopped by for two days to transition from living at summer camp to living back at WW as soccer training begins on Sunday.  :cry: This summer has just been about racing from one place to the other it seems... Four 231/365 I'm so thankful to be part of a book club! It has been an [...]


What I’m Reading/Down the Street

What I'm Reading Happily I am always reading something!There are brief periods of time when I have finished a fantastic book and I'm just not ready to let go of it so I don't jump right into the next...But I always have a stack of books near by that are waiting for their turn to be read....I promised myself a year ago that I wouldn't buy any new books (except book club choices) until I had read more on my shelf...Which I did for awhile...but then I find myself at Powell's and good grief who can walk out of Powell's [...]



Sweet 124/365 Hi, thanks for stopping by for this special Thursday issue of my blog :) {Sweet} - I have a HUGE {sweet} tooth! It is an essential part of my day... There are some {sweet} things I don't care for and honey is one of them... (unless it's in tea) But the bear was cute and honey, for all its nasty stickiness, is pretty so I took the picture :) Little 125/365 When you think about it a prompt like {little} could be anything... But sometimes the fact that it could be anything makes it more difficult what to [...]



Letters 98/365 Happy Friday! I feel a bit like I have "survived" this week! It has been exciting and it isn't over yet! This afternoon I have a wedding to shoot and then I shall breathe a big deep sign of relief... I love {letters} and we have seen this prompt before I least I photographed the letters Jeff wrote me while we were dating/engaged... So I decided to go a different direction and photograph a book I have... This is a super cool book from my favorite President, Theodore Roosevelt.  It is a compilation of {letters} he wrote to his children... [...]


What I’m Reading/Street

What I'm Reading 52/365 Lately I have enjoyed challenging myself with the books {I'm reading}... I am purposefully choosing books that I have either wanted to read for years or have languished on my bookshelf for years... I have been nicely surprised by {what I'm reading}... I love books - they are one of my all time favorite things! And I'm picky - I need a book in my hand...not an electronic gadget - I love books...When I finish one book I'm excited about the next book - sometimes I feel guilty for not cherishing the just finished book...I had [...]


Comfy/Starts with P/Pink

Comfy 33/365 Monday I was trying hard to not give in to the feeling of sick that was insistently pestering me... I gave in at noon... I settled into my {comfy} couch, under my most {comfy} blanket and enjoyed reading for awhile... Later in the afternoon the sun came out and I enjoyed sitting on my porch swing with the sun's warmth.  Despite not feeling good I was very {comfy]. Starts with P 34/365 Starts with {P} - pencils, paperclips, poodles, ponds, puddles, puppies, pink, ponytails, pretty, precious, pretend, porcupine, popcorn, Popsicle, ponies, peonies, pine cones, parents, pebbles...Lots of "things" [...]


Light/Looking Down

Light 20/365 I love to read a good book... I love to read a good book especially if I have been to some of the locations in the book... I loved Saint Malo... It was my favorite French town by the sea... I knew nothing about it when we arrived but I fell in love and determined I would one day return... I did not know that I would return in 2015 while curled up on my coach.... Read it... you will LOVE it (whether you have been to Saint Malo or not) Looking Down 21/365 Today I found myself [...]

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