So I found out who did or didn’t do what to Theo in Kate Morton’s new book The Lake House (not to be confused with the Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock movie) The book did an EXCELLENT job keeping me guessing but I would like to toot my horn and say I did figure it out right before it was revealed  😆  And now it’s time to begin a new book. I always try to read two or three books a month (its my therapy). I’m thankful to be part of a book club so I always have a new book thanks to that.  But I also try to read a couple of other books that I’ve seen, heard about or had for years and just need to read already! I’m still dreaming of my dream library 15-fantastic-designs-of-home-library-for-all-book-lovers

A PatternDSC_3337


I’ve had a secret desire to learn how to knit. I’ve watched people do it. How they even hold the needles, let alone manipulate the yarn, is beyond me! I recently saw something on FB where someone is knitting with intensely thick yarn making these really cool looking blankets – they actually knit using their hands instead of needles and just maybe I could figure that out. I just need to find a {pattern} and some intensely thick yarn!url

Blur DSC_3292


I’m a proud Aunt! I have 4 of the most beautiful nieces and the MOST AWESOME nephew on the planet! This is Preslie, (or Lulu as I started calling her when she was just a tiny little thing) she has taken on her daddy’s love of baseball (I don’t get it). Which isn’t exactly correct since she plays SOFTBALL as I’m constantly corrected! ( I honestly did not know that girls only played softball and guys only played baseball..) 🙄  But the point is she is awesome! She has taken on the challenge of the most difficult position on the team! Pitcher! And she can throw! Its so impressive because it’s not just some simple overhand toss. It’s swirling, twirling, gripping, releasing, zinging, precision that would leave most of us dumbfounded.  And all that wind up and throwing leads to a {blur} in the picture to show just how fast things are moving. She takes weekly pitching lessons and has her eyes set on playing for the Ducks one day and I believe she can do it!   😛

It’s exciting to see the young so full of potential and dreams. I think it is something we should all strive to hold on to!

Still dreaming…


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