I have a love/hate relationship with learning! I love it unless it keeps falling out of my head and then it’s just frustrating!!! 🙁 Or when I know I have a lot to learn and I’m just impatient with the process. Or if I have 500 steps to learn and I’ve forgotten step 49 and now nothing is working!

I’ve worked and continue to work very hard at learning photography. The easy part for me is picking up my camera and pressing the shutter. But even that I have learned I can improve on. 😎

There are so many aspects of photography to study. Composition, aperture, depth of field, lighting, using the various equipment, ISO, shutter speed, how to use any and all of those in various combinations depending on the subject, lighting or whatever it is your trying to capture.  And that is all just the taking of the picture – but you can’t really take a good picture unless you pose your subject(s) well. Poses need to flatter, interest, and be varied. You need to pay attention to your subject(s) is there a button unbuttoned, is their food in their teeth is their hair standing on end… Then if/when you capture a picture you are happy with there is the editing. Now some may argue that if you take the perfect picture there is no need for editing. But trust me there is always room for improvement. While I tend to be very minimal with my edits I will admit to zit zapping, teeth whitening and removing branches sticking out of people’s heads.  😆

But editing is an entire other monster and it is one of the monsters I plan on tackling in 2016. 😉 While I feel I have a pretty good handle on Lightroom I have managed to avoid Photoshop completely. That has recently become a problem with some other goals I’m working on. So…I’m diving in… 😐 And what I would really, really like right now in this moment is someone who is willing to be at my beck and call who will sit right beside me and guide me every step of the way. Because no matter how carefully you follow instructions there is ALWAYS a moment (or many, many) when things are not coming together as the book promised…and it is in those moments that I don’t handle myself well… 👿

What I’m Reading



So now that I’m finished with my Kate Morton book and I am waiting for my next book club book to arrive I have settled into a survival story. {What I’m reading} now is a true life account of a terrible mountain climbing accident on K2 – Which by the way, I have learned that while K2 is 800 feet shorter than Everest it is actually a more difficult mountain to climb. Why do I read these stories? I don’t know… 🙄  But I am fascinated by them. I lean toward the mountain climbing ones (Into Thin Air) but I also enjoy a good plane crash…and I prefer them to be true stories not fiction. I am simply amazed at what people can survive! And astounded at what people are willing to put themselves through!! 😕



A friend commented on my  instagram account that she loved this picture because of all the memories. I had been thinking the same thing! We have lived in our home on this {street} for 13+ years now and while I will admit to having the urge to move once in awhile, I have been thankful everyday for our home here. And this street is full of memories!  I’m thankful for the friends and families that drive on this street to come visit. I’m thankful for the memories of little boys bike riding, soccer playing, learning to drive… Students driving over to hangout or cause mischief… It has been a good {street} and I’m thankful to live on it!


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