Selfie I have seen some of the other people participating in the 365 Project take some lovely {selfies}... I had told myself that this month (because it comes up EVERY month) that I would take the time to set up my "big girl" camera and take some time trying to take a true {selfie}... Well, that didn't happen! I resorted to the cell phone camera (which has terrible quality) Maybe next month... 138/365 This is the picture I posted for {selfie} and isn't even a true {selfie}...I was attempting to take a pic of the four of us (from my [...]


The Horizon/My Favorite Place

The Horizon 131/365 {The Horizon} - distant, far off... Maybe you are heading towards {the horizon}... You are heading towards it but you can't really see what you are heading towards... But at least you are moving forward... Or you know exactly what you are aiming for and have a clear sharp picture of your horizon... Currently I have no idea what is in {my horizon} like this picture it is undefined [my horizon}... My Favorite Place 132/365 {My Favorite Place} - This is tricky for me... I get restless... I can even get bored with {My favorite place} and [...]


My Walls

My Walls 127/365 I love history... I always have... Well not always...I did not enjoy history in high school... Which makes me laugh! You never know where your life will lead you... If someone had told my 15 year old self...sitting in a "boring" history classroom staring blankly at an old WWI map that one day I would be teaching history at that very school and that very map would one day hang on {my wall} at home I would never have believed you!!! They say life is stranger than fiction... This is my family wall... I love all the [...]



Delicate 114/365 {Delicate} - Spring - the season where precious {delicate} blossoms emerge from their winter slumber... Living in the Northwest it can be a scary time for those of us who love these {delicate} blossoms... We wait through the dreary, damp winter with the promise of Spring and her glorious colors...and often, just when the weather has turned (we think) and the blossoms are on display Winter makes a serious reappearance with fierce rain, powerful, blossom destroying, winds and our Spring is over in the blink of an eye... But...this seems like perhaps our blossoms which are making [...]


An Animal/Negative Space}

An Animal 70/365 When I saw the photo prompt for Wednesday my heart squeezed a little... The {animal} I wanted to take a picture of my beautiful Golden, Teddy Rose... But sadly that was not an option... And I had already posted a picture of Ella so I opted for {an animal} picture I was lucky enough to "capture" a year ago in Maui... I remember being on the boat with a bunch of friends when this beautiful {animal} breached... As soon as it was over everyone's head snapped to my direction and they all yelled "did you get it?" [...]



Soft So I found it ironic that my photo prompt for Tuesday was {soft}... I am not at home and I'm in a rather arid I walked around looking for {soft} all I saw were pokie items... So I resorted to a picture I took last week back on the western {soft}er side of the State. 54/365 I'm pretty sure this "old man's beard moss" isn't {soft}...but it 'looks' {soft} so there it is.  It's funny how some photo prompts are more challenging for me than others... Early 55/365 The early bird really does get the worm... Amazing how [...]


What I’m Reading/Street

What I'm Reading 52/365 Lately I have enjoyed challenging myself with the books {I'm reading}... I am purposefully choosing books that I have either wanted to read for years or have languished on my bookshelf for years... I have been nicely surprised by {what I'm reading}... I love books - they are one of my all time favorite things! And I'm picky - I need a book in my hand...not an electronic gadget - I love books...When I finish one book I'm excited about the next book - sometimes I feel guilty for not cherishing the just finished book...I had [...]



3 13/365 I had the opportunity to take a quick free trip to California this week.  Oxnard to be specific...I don't know much about California beyond the general locations of San Francisco, LA and San Diego. Last week the phone rang out of the blue asking if I would be willing to attend a conference in a city that I had never heard of and frankly, didn't sound very appealing...Oxnard. Turns out Oxnard is on the beach...Score!  I did have to sit in meetings all day but I had two sunrise strolls on the beach which made it all worth while [...]


Simple. Circle

8/365 - SIMPLE Simple = Easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.. Simple is complicated.... I like simple math... I'm bored by simple jobs... I like simple explanations... I am frustrated with simple thinking... Life is most certainly not simple...not easy to understand and when it is simple we get bored, restless... and yet there are many times when we "simply" want an answer... But this world does have simple beauty and it is Simply essential that we take the time to enjoy those simple beauties. Today's photo: Circle 9/365 I hope you have lovely weekend plans.  Plans to enjoy [...]

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