New Beginnings

The holiday weekend is flying by! And for the first time Jeff and I actually went somewhere for the long weekend! We have been enjoying some gorgeous landscapes in the Washington Peninsula. I absolutely LOVE going places I have never been! We have also returned to some stunning locations we visited about 15 years ago and fell in love with. I hope you had a chance to enjoy the holiday weekend!




IMG_0970I absolutely fell in love with this lodge! Build in 1927 Lake Quinault Lodge oozes American history. It take you back to America’s glory days when things were built well, with gorgeous craftsmanship and the thought of cutting corners or saving money by using cheaper materials never crossed anyone’s mind. The have lawn games and a fire pit down by the lake that is lit every night and prepacked S’more fixins for sale in the gift shop. Roasting sticks are hanging on the back of the boat house. You can play chess, read a book, or take a nap by the roaring fire inside the lodge.  It is classic Americana and I would happily move in!







We explored, hiked, ate and thoroughly enjoyed our brief stay at Lake Quinault and then headed toward the coast and Ruby Beach the most northern beach on the Washington Coast (the most northern you can reach by car that is. 101 makes a turn eastward) When we visited this beach 15 years ago when our boys were little it was pristine! I had never seen so many starfish and other critters in tide pools anywhere! Sadly, while the beach is still beautiful we didn’t see a single starfish – where there had been hundreds and hundreds there weren’t any. 🙁



We had amazing weather it was a warm, windless day and we enjoyed the rock pillars, piles of driftwood and somewhat “warm” ocean for several hours before moving on.




New Beginnings



Wednesday I will be blogging about the amazing Akrawi family and our photo shoot along the river. For now, here is one of my favorite images from the shoot. This lovely Grandma was running, truly running up and down the beach with her youngest granddaughter! I loved the contrast of the generations in the picture along with their unity in energy and love.




If you like travel writing I highly recommend this book! As I read his descriptions of some of his experiences I find myself holding my breathe, shaking my head and wondering how I would handle myself in the same situation. I am constantly sharing his stories with those around me as we travel. I can’t wait to {open} the pages and begin reading it again!




I went with this picture for {posed} but I probably should have chosen one of these




Thankfully we still have a couple days of adventuring ahead before we head back to our regularly scheduled program…

Happy Labor Day friends!


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