It was a beautiful weekend!

Thank you, Thank you for all the shares and congratulations regarding Josh’s internship and need of housing!!! We are still looking for a place so if you have a firm lead please let us know!


The beauty of the Northwest just never gets old. I don’t think I’ve passed through the Gorge a single time without noticing its beauty.


I remember living in Florida and meeting people who had never seen a waterfall in nature  😮


We had such a busy fun Saturday with friends and food all day we didn’t get out and explore like we usually do. So Sunday morning I woke up and told Jeff “I need to go!” so off we went! Turns out we enjoyed gorgeous weather in the Gorge while it rained at home so good call!  😆


Lucy loves to hike! She also almost stole someones ice cream cone!  😯 As we were walking in Hood River a lady was sitting in a chair holding her ice cream off to the side and she came oh so close to nabbing it!


Project 365




I wish I knew the name of this flower. I bought it at a nursery on NW 23rd in PDX several years ago. It has bloomed faithfully every year! It smells amazing and is so pretty and I don’t know its name  🙄



I hope its obvious this is not a {self-portrait}! It was a day full of responsibilities and friendship and food and I knew me taking the time for a self-portrait just wasn’t going to happen! I did tell a children’s story and got the pastor to wear a monkey mask so that’s a win!  😉




I had fun thinking and looking for my {sky} picture while exploring the Gorge yesterday. I love walking through the forest and looking up through the massive trees. I love the trees here in the Northwest!

I’m off to the vet – time to get the staples out of poor Lucy’s belly! Hopefully we will be done with the vet for awhile!


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