Hello From Las Vegas

I am sitting at a desk on the 30th floor of our hotel. I’ve walked miles and miles since arriving on Sunday. I’ve shook my head and said a few prayers, stared in amazement and looked the other way (last night some dude had a hammer in his mouth and wanted someone to hit or twist or something I couldn’t look – he was also walking  barefoot on glass) 

Last night we got off the strip and explored a bit more of this town. Our first stop was the Neon Museum or Boneyard as some call it. It is a museum of old neon signs from hotels that have since been torn down or simply have new signs.  We choose a night tour. The history is cool and I enjoyed looking at the signs.

We also used Uber last night for the first time. It was fun and easy and cheaper than the cabs! I felt so hip! We took 3 different uber rides and they were all great. From the museum we called our next Uber and headed over to Historic Las Vegas and explored Freemont Street. 

I loved the historic part but man it was LOUD. I’m just getting old I guess! Lots to see! Street performers of all types and “skills” One guy pulled on a hand costume which had the middle finger extended and held a sign which read F**k You and proudly waved while people took photos.  Others danced, sang, played instruments, and wore other costumes…

They have a light show going on overhead as well as zip-lines that run 5 city blocks so every once in awhile there will be people zooming over your head. I posted a video on my FB page of that. 

We are leaving today but first we will see the Hoover Dam! I’m excited about getting out of town and seeing something new. I’m also ready to get home to my puppy! I miss her! 🙂 



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