Happy Leap Year Day!

Are there any actual celebrations for this particular day? This day that only happens once every 4 years? Something so rare so special, so unusual should be celebrated! Are there parades today? Are there special cakes and drinks in honor of this day? Is school canceled? Seriously! Why aren’t we doing something about something that is so rare it happens only a few times in our lifetime?

Is it too late to throw a parade together?  😉





There is a lot more {quite} in our home since our boys have left.  😥  I miss the sounds of Ty’s guitar and Josh kicking a soccer ball around the house. I thought about taking a picture of their rooms for this prompt but that just made me sad… Then I looked at my unmade bed and for whatever reason it just seemed perfect   😐

Low Angle12803038_10208614882552939_3433566031998778669_n


Oh this puppy loves the beach! It is so much fun taking her there! She loves to RUN but she doesn’t run away from us!!!!!!!!!!! It’s awesome! I had fun taking pictures of her including this {low angle} shot.


Last time we took her to the beach I wore my super cute, warm, cute, waterproof, cute boots and didn’t get a drop of water or sand on my feet! This time I wasn’t so fortunate! The sneaker waves were extra sneaky and BIG and on 3 different occasions, while I was focused on my camera with my back to the ocean,  😯 waves caught up to me and washed over the tops of my super cute boots  😮


I had to take them off and pour the water out of them  😆


This sea lion was cracking me up. The one laying sideways was rubbing back and forth on the one protesting. Much like you would see a cat do to its owner.  😆


I think this should be our new paint job for our boat!


Happy pup!


Baywatch Babe…





Homemade DSC_5787


My Mom decided a few years back that she was going to learn how to quilt. That was a wonderful day for the rest of us! My quilt was first (because she loves me best!) and I love it! It has become my snuggle on the couch blanket. Of course I love the travel theme it is perfect for me! Each of my boys have received beautiful {homemade} quilts and now my nieces are getting theirs! I’m just wondering how many people I have to wait through before I get my second quilt!  😉 (I’m greedy like that!)

Be sure to leap at least once today!!


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