Chase those dreams big and small!

Some people just don’t get me. And that’s OK I usually don’t get those people either. 

A week ago I was wandering around Oklahoma and Arkansas with my friend Becky. She had generously proposed that we spend her Spring Break pursuing my dream of visiting all 50 States. While there we found ourselves explaining ourselves over and over again. Which was met with various reactions.

“Where are you two girls from?” to which we would respond “Washington State” the next question was inevitable, “what brings you to Oklahoma (or Arkansas) This question would lead to us explaining my quest for all 50 States. People would generally respond in two general ways. – Admiration or confusion. The fact that we were there SIMPLY BECAUSE WE HAD NEVER BEEN caught people off guard. 



A real cowboy! The Marlboro Man!

It may seem silly but I love it!

I love meeting new people. And I have to say EVERYONE we met out there was warm and friendly. I saw doors opened for others, bags carried, kindness offered, friendly chats, warm greetings. I liked everyone I met out there (the police officer scared me but in the end he turned out pretty great!)

I’m a believer in following your dreams big or small. What dreams do you have? Have you written them down? I think that is the first important step! Own them! I have felt some criticism by people because of what I choose to pursue at times. That has held me back a time or two but no more! I didn’t search for these dreams they found me! I think that means something. 

Write your dreams down! Bring them to life with some permanent ink. Make a plan, what will it take to accomplish? Break it down step by step. It may take awhile but it will take forever if you don’t come up with a plan of ACTION.

Go for it! Pursue those dreams! Live your life to the fullest! Yes life is full of frustrations, setbacks, responsibilities. But only you can carve out that space for yourself to dream. No one will do it for you. Don’t get buried in the burdens. I think nurturing yourself and your heart strengthens you for the burdens, frustrations and aghhhhhgrrrr moments that come at us on a regular basis. 😯  

I am now only one state away from accomplishing this dream. Alaska will happen in 2018 – my 50th State for my 50th birthday  😎  I’m looking forward to it!




I hope many of you have already pursued a dream or two. I would LOVE to hear about it! Please share with us!



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  1. Becky April 11, 2017 at 1:35 pm - Reply

    Inspirational my friend!

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