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So it’s time to play catch-up on my blog! These last few days have been a blast! I am so thankful I had the opportunity to go along with my sons senior trip to Lake Shasta.  The above picture is labeled {abstract} After driving all night long, arriving at the lake at 7am and then being out on the lake by 10am my brain could not process anything…I simply took a picture of the seniors on their “party boat” with the beautiful {abstract} designs in the water.

{Lunch} time on the party barge.  This was one of the awesome parts of having this boat.  It was a perfect home base.  We had two other boats and we could come and go, switching out kids and those that wanted to just swim, eat, hang out, fish use the bathroom had a great place to do those things as well.  It meant we could be out on the lake ALL DAY!

A Basket

So I admit for the first time I went totally “off prompt” but we got some awesome pictures of kids tubing and that was more interesting than a picture of a {basket} We only had one injury that required stitches which happened within 30 minuets of being on the lake.  We had plenty of complaints of sore muscles! These kids just don’t stop! And I love it!
I also completed another month of my 365 Project!

 I love the way Crissaya has her head thrown back and is laughing! What a picture of joy!

It is boating {season}!
This boating {season} will be very different for us since both our kids will be gone for the summer…
So I was very thankful to have these days to share with Ty and his friends…
What I’m Looking At
Yesterday was a long drive home….
So (what I was looking at) was miles and miles of road….
But so thankful that we all made it back safe and sound…

And I was thankful that this time we didn’t have to drive all night!
That did have one disadvantage…
We timed it perfectly so we arrived in Portland during peak rush hour time…
Nothing like pulling a boat through bumper to bumper traffic after driving all day…

But like I said so thankful that we are all home safe and sound…

And now for graduation weekend….


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