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Happy Monday to you. About 2 years ago I began selling some of my pictures at DeJaVu in Bend (and Sisters).  It is a lovely consignment store and I have really appreciated the opportunity to sell some of my landscapes there. Last week I received an email out of the blue. A woman named Debbie who I had never met, was inquiring about my Sparks Lake picture. Debbie had recently moved to Redmond (near Bend) and was visiting a friends home when she noticed on of my pictures on the wall and fell in love with it. The friend couldn’t remember where she had bought it but I had signed the picture so they googled me 😀

I was pretty excited that someone noticed one of my pictures on the wall and loved it enough to track me down 😀 So this beauty is headed to Redmond to live.

We did some roaming this weekend. Saturday we visited the Mississippi Street Fair and it was the longest and busiest street fair I had ever been to. Loved it!


Look carefully and you will see how far down the white tents go! Tons of yummy food and interesting things (and people) to see13653045_10209738276957097_7543749441384941614_o

Ty works at Elmers now so he is very busy Sunday- Thursday mornings working there. So we left him Sunday and head up to visit Josh

We were very impressed that he had a card key that unlocked the entire skyscraper  😉 (ok its only 4 stories but still!)


This is the view from his office window.

13621003_10209746927853364_3265144733706986220_n 13615325_10209746927733361_5880109586844365177_n

His desk – he needs some personal items I think!

13615103_10209746928013368_9007811234974376709_nWe had a lot of fun hanging out with him for the day. Bellevue is a beautiful area and thankfully on Sundays the traffic is pretty great. We wandered around the Microsoft campus, visited a park, drove around a bit counting Teslas and Lamborghinis  and of course fed the child.  😉


Project 365

What I SeeDSC_3934


{what I see} is a world that needs more peace and love, more forgiveness and grace, more kindness and patience towards one another.



Glasses and book are all the {supplies} I need to keep myself entertained!



It looked a bit large – I told myself not to eat it all – I could always box up he extra and finish it later….But oh my goodness it was so yummy!!! I ate the whole thing and yes I was {full}  🙄

Have an awesome week! Thanks for stopping by!

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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” -Benjamin Franklin





  1. Jeff July 11, 2016 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    Glad for the adventures with you..my soulmate

    • Shelly July 11, 2016 at 4:59 pm - Reply

      There is no one else I would rather adventure with! 🙂

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