Chase those dreams big and small!

Some people just don't get me. And that's OK I usually don't get those people either.  A week ago I was wandering around Oklahoma and Arkansas with my friend Becky. She had generously proposed that we spend her Spring Break pursuing my dream of visiting all 50 States. While there we found ourselves explaining ourselves over and over again. Which was met with various reactions. "Where are you two girls from?" to which we would respond "Washington State" the next question was inevitable, "what brings you to Oklahoma (or Arkansas) This question would lead to us explaining my quest for [...]


Greetings from Big Lake Youth Camp {Event Photographer Vancouver WA & Portland OR}

Happy Monday friends,  I hope all is well with you. Yesterday I drove down and over to Central Oregon to a lovely camp I know. I have the awesome opportunity to be the photographer this week for Winter Outdoor School here at Big Lake. 6th graders from 9 different school will be arriving today to spend the week learning. For this week their classrooms will be outside in the snow sometimes even in snow caves. How cool is that! Yesterday was the day for the counselors, teachers, cooks and photographers to arrive. I have to say this is an awesome [...]


Hello From Las Vegas

I am sitting at a desk on the 30th floor of our hotel. I've walked miles and miles since arriving on Sunday. I've shook my head and said a few prayers, stared in amazement and looked the other way (last night some dude had a hammer in his mouth and wanted someone to hit or twist or something I couldn't look - he was also walking  barefoot on glass)  Last night we got off the strip and explored a bit more of this town. Our first stop was the Neon Museum or Boneyard as some call it. It is a [...]


Bye Bye Snow

This was the view of our home as we drove away yesterday. Jeff has a conference in Las Vegas and I decided to join him. I was sad to leave the snow behind but knowing the rain was fast approaching helped.  My husband is developing a reputation of not making the best travel arrangements particularly regarding flying... In an effort to be a good steward of his companies money he looked for the cheapest option for our flights. Which resulted in us flying on Spirit Airlines yesterday. Apparently the tickets were cheap but then there are extra fees for EVERYTHING [...]


Senior Megan – Class of 2017 {Senior Photographer Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

I loved meeting Megan for our Senior Session. It was another gorgeous day and we met at Lewisville Park for her shoot.  I think almost the first thing I said to her was "you have gorgeous eyes!" With her fabulously curly hair and her sparkling blue eyes I loved photographing her! She lives in the Camas area but choose to come up my way for her pictures. Megan is musical and brought along her ukulele for some of her pictures. What I didn't anticipate is that at the time of our session there was also a cross country race with [...]


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday to you. About 2 years ago I began selling some of my pictures at DeJaVu in Bend (and Sisters).  It is a lovely consignment store and I have really appreciated the opportunity to sell some of my landscapes there. Last week I received an email out of the blue. A woman named Debbie who I had never met, was inquiring about my Sparks Lake picture. Debbie had recently moved to Redmond (near Bend) and was visiting a friends home when she noticed on of my pictures on the wall and fell in love with it. The friend couldn't [...]


Vacation memories

It's disturbing to me how quickly something you have been anticipating becomes a memory... :cry:   My niece and her hubby and my favorite nephew were able to join us for part of our time. It was so much fun having the cousins together! And along with the humans came the puppy cousins. They had a blast! There is so much to explore around Sun River! We hiked up Paulina Creek and enjoyed the gorgeous waterfalls and beautiful scenery. The puppies and Josh got in the water every chance they could! It was a bit cool while we were there [...]


It was a beautiful weekend!

Thank you, Thank you for all the shares and congratulations regarding Josh's internship and need of housing!!! We are still looking for a place so if you have a firm lead please let us know! The beauty of the Northwest just never gets old. I don't think I've passed through the Gorge a single time without noticing its beauty. I remember living in Florida and meeting people who had never seen a waterfall in nature  :-o We had such a busy fun Saturday with friends and food all day we didn't get out and explore like we usually do. So [...]


Beauty in the Storm

Hi I'm back.  :-) Last week was crazy! Happily I survived 3rd and 4th grade for 4 days! I was embarrassingly proud of how well I was able to understand and teach 4th grade Math!  :roll: the kids were great and I seem to have escaped being contaminated by the many germs that were circling in that room! Those poor kids (and their parents!) one day 7 were out sick! Then we had our trip to WW to visit the Grandparents. There were successes and frustrations but that's life. Happily we had a chance to spend some quality time with [...]


Happy Leap Year Day!

Are there any actual celebrations for this particular day? This day that only happens once every 4 years? Something so rare so special, so unusual should be celebrated! Are there parades today? Are there special cakes and drinks in honor of this day? Is school canceled? Seriously! Why aren't we doing something about something that is so rare it happens only a few times in our lifetime? Is it too late to throw a parade together?  ;-)   Quiet 57/366 There is a lot more {quite} in our home since our boys have left.  :cry:  I miss the sounds of [...]

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