I want to say Thank YOU!!!

I am so thankful for each of you! I really truly am!

When I began this venture I had no idea what I was doing. I was literally taking it one step at a time.  I didn’t even recognize that I was starting my own business – that I would be a small (tiny) “business owner”  😮  I just knew I loved two things. People and photography and I wanted to find away to earn money working with both.

I invested in the camera and you invested in me. I am so thankful to those who have trusted me with taking your pictures. Pictures of your gorgeous families, happy events, weddings, engagements, real estate offerings, professional head shots, marketing shots. It has been an amazing 3 years.

I read 2 years ago that most photographers go out of business within 3 years. I don’t remember where I read it or who wrote it but those words struck my heart. I prayed and determined that I was going to make to that 3 year mark. I took classes, practiced, practiced, cried, begged for advice, read, studied, watched, followed, tried, failed, cried, leaned on friends and family for support. I’m not going to lie – owning your own small business is SCARY and LONELY at times. But oh so WORTH IT when I push through the walls of fear.

This month marks that 3 year mark! The lovely Westcott Family called and asked if I would take their families pictures in November of 2013. I was TERRIFIED! But their family session marked the beginning of a clear direction for SFP and I am so happy that 3 years later I am not only still here but growing thanks to your support.

I would love to invite each and everyone of you to come say “hi” eat some amazing food ~prepared by the best cook I know Becky Long (if you came to the open house you know what I’m talking about!) ~ On December 11 from 2-4. It is my way of saying thank you! Even if I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph you I would LOVE for you to stop by and visit.

Please Come ~i-want-to-thank-you-for-3-years

Bring a friend, bring your family – I hope to see you then.



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