Happy 2017 Cheers to a New Year!

So here I am sitting in my office Jan 4th 2017. It is FREEZING outside by the sky is an amazing blue. Lucy is at my feet chewing on a treat and I am all caught up on my editing. On my desk are two long to do lists so even without editing I have plenty to keep me busy. My oldest is in the final 30 min of a 10 hour 38 min flight from Heathrow to San Francisco. Sadly for him he has two more flights today before he finally arrives back at WW.  My youngest is in his second day of Winter term at WW. My hubby is at work. All is well as I sit here at the beginning of this year.

I wonder what it will hold…

I’m certain of a few things that I will see in 2017

Laughter, tears, accomplishments, failures, gains, losses, adventure, boredom, too much, too little, just enough…

Overall I’m hopeful for what this year brings.  On my to do list is to write out specific goals professionally and personally for the new year. I hope that it’s not a bad sign that we are several days in and I haven’t started my list!  😯 

Here are my final pictures from my Project 366 Challenge – 



Sometimes we have the opportunity to catch a {glimpse} of the beauty this planet holds for us to enjoy. This is Beacon Rock.



It was a beautiful and yes {chilly} visit to the beach. Lucy didn’t seem to notice the cold! This picture was taken with my new GoPro I haven’t decided if I love or hate it yet…. regarding using the camera – I do like the pictures…



What a cool kid. I asked if I could practice on him and he said sure 🙂 Thankful for a warm studio space to work in!



Celebrate! I am so happy to be done with this challenge! I took a picture and posted it on Instagram every single day (didn’t miss any) for two years! I can see a HUGE difference in my photography from the beginning of the challenge to the end. And that was the point.

What this challenge taught me. 

  • be brave and try new things
  • developed my eye
  • helped me choose better angles, framing and overall composition for my shots
  • how to work with low light
  • technical aspects of my camera
  • patience – slow down, pay attention, don’t hurry the shot.

Thanks for following along 🙂 I will of course still be posting on IG just not everyday. 

I have now spoken to my boy who is wandering around the SF airport looking for his next gate. So thankful to have him back on this side of the planet! I won’t get to see him for a few more weeks but it is just comforting knowing he is closer. 

Happy 2017!





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