Greetings from Big Lake Youth Camp {Event Photographer Vancouver WA & Portland OR}

Happy Monday friends, 

I hope all is well with you. Yesterday I drove down and over to Central Oregon to a lovely camp I know. I have the awesome opportunity to be the photographer this week for Winter Outdoor School here at Big Lake. 6th graders from 9 different school will be arriving today to spend the week learning. For this week their classrooms will be outside in the snow sometimes even in snow caves. How cool is that!

Yesterday was the day for the counselors, teachers, cooks and photographers to arrive. I have to say this is an awesome group of teachers and high schoolers (they are the counselors). So friendly and energetic excited to spend the week in God’s gorgeous nature.

The roads are closed up here in the winter time so the best way to get large numbers of people and their luggage into camp is with a snow cat and inner-tubes.  And of course you don’t just sit nicely and ride. You make pyramids, stand up, throw snow balls, fall off. So fun!

Some shots of the lake. Hard to believe there is water under there and that this is the same place people swim, board, and sail in the summer time!

I love visiting places during the different seasons!

Have an awesome Monday!

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