Family Photographer {Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

I’ve said it before and I will say it again {and again} family is such a beautiful precious thing. It becomes more precious as children become adults and people go on their separate paths. To have the opportunity to photograph a family that comes together and see they joy they have in being together is a privilege. I feel the responsibility of capturing this special and rare moment in their lives. 

Say Hello to the Fabulous Hansen Family –

This session was very special because I have known the Hansen Family most of my life. Kind, loving people they have always brought joy and laughter with them.

Of course there is always one “difficult” person in a crowd this large and I won’t name him {Dan}  but he kept me on my toes trying to coax smiles from him  😉  He informed me it had been a good 30 years since he had his picture taken. Making this photo session all the more important to this family’s legacy.

While Dan may be stingy with his smiles he sure knows how to bring out the smiles in others.  😛 

This beautiful family just said goodbye to their father, grandfather sweet Harvey(not pictured). Harvey was also our neighbor and friend for many years. He would often ask how the weather was at our house (our yards joined), always had a smile and friendly words.  And he even weeded my pumpkin patch onetime – I believe he was well into his 80s at the time. I remember seeing him on the roof a time or two which sent me running out the back door to check on him. He used his backhoe to move our garden shed for us. A generous, hard working kind man. I definitely hope we are neighbors again in Heaven!

Thank you Hansen clan for spending the time with me on a cold January afternoon so we could capture these precious moments with your family. It was my pleasure working with you.

On a Personal Note

I had the opportunity to listen and watch my son perform. It was AWESOME to watch him do something he loves so much. And he does it really really well!

Have you noticed the daffodils poking up through the dirt?




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