I accidentally took a week off!

Hello again, Things got a little busy and before I knew it I had missed not one but three blog posts!  8-O I have lots of catching up to do including cutie Patootie Kids to blog about and fun family outings. But today it will just be about catching up with my Project 365. While I haven't been blogging I have been taking pictures on a daily basis. I haven't missed a day. If you want to follow along I post each day on my Instagram account. My June calendar is almost full of upcoming photo sessions including my first [...]


A Man Called Ove

I'm so thankful to be part of a book club. We met this week and discussed Fredrik Backman's book. Winner of cutest dessert at book club! While  I did not host book club this week I did manage to leave my mark. My efforts to "help" led to a dessert spilled all over the inside of the fridge (my fault) a small kitchen fire (also my fault) and a dessert that while it was adorable wasn't the best tasting (kinda my fault) it was definitely the cutest and most thoughtfully designed dessert (I get no credit). But back to the [...]


It was a beautiful weekend!

Thank you, Thank you for all the shares and congratulations regarding Josh's internship and need of housing!!! We are still looking for a place so if you have a firm lead please let us know! The beauty of the Northwest just never gets old. I don't think I've passed through the Gorge a single time without noticing its beauty. I remember living in Florida and meeting people who had never seen a waterfall in nature  :-o We had such a busy fun Saturday with friends and food all day we didn't get out and explore like we usually do. So [...]


Time for this Mom to brag!

My first born landed a summer internship with Tetra Tech in Bellevue, WA. His Dad and I have been bursting with pride and excitement since we found out yesterday. It is such a good feeling when you are talking with your son - over the phone - and you can hear the smile on his face! We are so thankful he has this opportunity. Now to find a place for him to live! Bellevue is an expensive town and the traffic up there is horrendous! So we are praying for someone with an extra room, basement, trailer to rent (cheap). [...]


Play Ball!

I really enjoyed hanging out with the Turkeys and the Reds at Prairie Baseball fields last week. They seem like such a fun group of young men who share a passion for baseball. The opposite teams seemed to be friends and they were all having a good time. I took a lot of pictures  so it took some time going through them all. I was at a bit of disadvantage not knowing the boys. It was difficult keeping track of who I had photographed - especially since they are all dressed alike!  :lol: Another challenge was the dramatic changes in [...]


Some of this Week’s Goals….

Here is my favorite shot (so far) from last weeks baseball pictures taken at Prairie Fields, in Brush Prairie, WA I love the dust flying off of his glove! One of my goals this week is to have all of these pictures processed and on my website by Wed. So if you are a parent anxiously awaiting pictures of your son's baseball game last week I'm working on them hard  :-D  I got a little trigger happy and took A LOT of pictures!  :lol: Another goal is to get some miles in on my bike. Another goal is to book [...]


Graduate – Miss Brooke {Vancouver, WA & Battle Ground, WA Senior Photographer}

I love graduate sessions! I love all my sessions but there is always something a little extra special about being able to focus on one person who is about to reach one of those significant steps in life. Miss Brooke is excited to be graduating and heading to high school next year! I will let you in on a little secret - I took 25 pictures of this pose and held my breathe looking through them and was THRILLED to find ONE where Brooke and her sweet pup were both looking my way! ( To be clear Brooke was VERY [...]


Hi! – I need a minute!

Today's blog will happen tomorrow. I'm a bit overwhelmed with life at the moment (in a good way) So here are my pics from my 366 project and I plan to write a spectacular blog on Wed.! I hope all is well! Comfy 127/366 Lucy knows {comfy}! And yes we let her on the furniture but only when we are there with her for "snuggle time". She isn't suppose to just lounge around on the couch solo. So when I walked into the room and saw this :-o (and took a quick pic) she was scolded (just a little  ;-) [...]


Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

Yes, it should be an entire weekend! A day is not enough to celebrate the wonderful Mom's in our lives and all they have done and do for us! I am soo grateful for my Mom! We have had some pretty fun adventures over the years and I look forward to many more! That's me and mom and my favorite doll Billy -  :-D My Mom has been a pillar of strength my entire life! She has been an bold example of faith and resilience for me! I'm very thankful for her! As a Mom I'm excited to have the [...]


Thompson Family

I've mentioned that I love my job and I really, really do!  As a photographer in the gorgeous Northwest I get to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me but more importantly - I just love working with people!  The joy in my job is at a whole new level when those people are some of my dear friends! I have had the pleasure of watching their kiddos grow up right along with mine and while the years don't match up exactly our kids are good solid friends and I love that! In the next few weeks this beautiful family will [...]

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