Book Review – The Life and Times of Thunderbolt Kid – Bill Bryson

I'm currently reading Bill Bryson's book The Life and Times of Thunderbolt Kid which is his memoir. He was born in 1951 in Iowa and this book is all about it. Doesn't that sound oh so exciting!!! Haven't you ever wondered what Iowa was like in the 50s? Or better yet, have you ever wondered what Iowa was like in the 1950s as seen by a young boy?! As he paints his word pictures about life in middle America which includes baseball, pie and comic books he balances it off with the worries of nuclear annihilation, communism, polio, UFOs, Civil Rights [...]


Come by and say hi! {Battle Ground WA. and Vancouver, WA. Photographer}

Today Harvest Days in Battle Ground begins and my little office is right in the heart of things. So tonight I will be walking around handing out postcards and inviting people to come into SFP and check things out. As you know, in addition to portraits I also sell landscape photography. I have several on display if you would like to come take a peak.  I would love to see your friendly faces! Also I'm pushing hard and hoping to fill up the month of August with Family and Senior Sessions let me know if you would like to book [...]


I’m Breaking up with Starbucks…

My friends and family all know I don't like coffee - of any kind. Maybe to be more specific I don't like the flavor of coffee. No matter how sugared, "syruped", or doctored up I can still taste the coffee and its yucky! :-? Years ago when the SB phenomenon began I was in a dilemma. My friends were gathering at SB for coffee and chatting and I didn't want to miss out. I would order a hot chocolate and feel like the kid in the group.... And then I discovered Chai - and I fell in love. My drink [...]


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday to you. About 2 years ago I began selling some of my pictures at DeJaVu in Bend (and Sisters).  It is a lovely consignment store and I have really appreciated the opportunity to sell some of my landscapes there. Last week I received an email out of the blue. A woman named Debbie who I had never met, was inquiring about my Sparks Lake picture. Debbie had recently moved to Redmond (near Bend) and was visiting a friends home when she noticed on of my pictures on the wall and fell in love with it. The friend couldn't [...]


Family – A beautiful thing! {Battle Ground, WA & Vancouver, WA Family Photography}

I had the pleasure of spending some time with this beautiful family. We gathered this past Saturday at Fort Vancouver and found a quite place under the gorgeous trees. Sadly they are facing unimaginable heartache- but in the face of it they gathered the wagons and came together to show love, happiness and the very definition of family. I was truly honored to spend this special time with them. I witnessed deep love, super human strength and the beauty of a family that supports one another. My prayers are with you every day! Project 365 Change 183/366 Life hands us [...]


Ben + Tara = True Love {Battle Ground WA and Vancouver WA Family Photographer}

Have I mentioned I love my job?  ;-) Last Sunday I met up with Ben and Tara for their photo session.  The weather was perfect, warm with just enough breeze  to keep us cool and give Tara that awesome super model affect with her hair 8-)  Tara had requested that we do the photo session at Ft. Vancouver which I love! They were in the middle of  celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary. They had finished dinner and were heading for cheescake after our session. Ben and Tara are a fast paced energetic couple. Married a brief 6 months after they [...]


Variety is the spice of life

I get bored really quickly. I try not to! I try to live in the moment, savor the experience... and sometimes I'm successful with that. But more often than not I'm thinking ahead to what is next. One of the things I love about photography is the variety found in clients, locations, subject matter. This month I have found lots and lots of variety! I have done Senior sessions, graduations, professional head-shots, a real-estate shoot, two different events as well as a wedding and I love it! I love meeting new people, making new friends, being part of happy exciting [...]


First Day of Summer

Happy Summer! It has felt like Summer to me for awhile now but today it is official! This past weekend was a whirlwind! Saturday I had the privilege of photographing a former students wedding!  I was so excited to photograph her outdoor wedding under the gorgeous willows at my favorite park! And then there was rain, hail, sun, rain, etc - I will share the story and more of her lovely pictures on Wednesdays blog  ;-) Sunday we packed up Josh (he is always packing!) and convoyed up to Bellevue to move him into his new home for the Summer. [...]


Vacation memories

It's disturbing to me how quickly something you have been anticipating becomes a memory... :cry:   My niece and her hubby and my favorite nephew were able to join us for part of our time. It was so much fun having the cousins together! And along with the humans came the puppy cousins. They had a blast! There is so much to explore around Sun River! We hiked up Paulina Creek and enjoyed the gorgeous waterfalls and beautiful scenery. The puppies and Josh got in the water every chance they could! It was a bit cool while we were there [...]



Hi - I'm excited because our family is taking a little vacation! We are heading out today and won't return until next Wed. I will be posting on Instagram but I won't be blogging again until next Friday where I'm sure (hope) I will have lots of fun things to share! My Mom heart is bursting this morning because both of my boys are home! Josh rolled in about midnight last night and I just laid in bed saying prayers of thanks that they were both home after a successful year of college. Its a good feeling!!! Now the challenge [...]

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