Domestic Goddess

Yes I have a housewife buried deep inside of me. A few times a year in certain circumstances and if I feel like it – I let her out of her cage.  😉

I was inspired to let her out when I had the opportunity to visit some farm stands in Milton Freewater, OR yesterday and left with a trunk full of  fresh picked peaches and corn.

Apparently there had been a run on corn and the first stand was out. The second farm stand had enough for me to snag 2 dozen ears – not much but I’m looking forward to getting these babies out of the freezer for Thanksgiving dinner this year!
DSC_5215 DSC_5221 DSC_5223

I’ve now locked up Susie Homemaker – she was eyeing my pile of laundry and making me feel guilty! But don’t feel too bad for her – she will be out again on Wed. I have two cases of peaches to can!

Project 365

One WordDSC_5012


We had a lovely Family shoot Friday evening. (more on the lovely Sanchez family on Wednesday’s blog) Even the kitty {one word} wanted to join in the fun. I’ve never had a cat join in – and apparently this one usually high-tails it outta there when people are around. But clearly she wanted to be in the picture on this day!



We made a quick trip to the East side of the State to visit family. It’s always super hot over there so I try to avoid going over there from June through September if at all possible!  😕  But I was thankful for the cooling breeze that blew the entire time. We went for a walk in the beautiful Pioneer Park and enjoyed the breeze and the {light}.

I bought ThisDSC_5209


There is one significant bonus to visiting the Walla Walla Valley in the summer time and that is the delicious produce! So {I bought this} as well as the corn.  Creating a lot of work this week but I know I won’t regret it! I plan to wear out the housewife in me so she doesn’t want to come out again for a long time! 😉



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