Ryan Graduate Class of 2017 {Senior Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

This is Ryan, he will be graduating from the 8th grade this Spring. Graduate session are some of my very favorite sessions as a photographer. It is a luxury to be able to work with one individual. As a photographer one of the largest challenges I face is to make sure EVERYONE in the picture looks good. So with only have one person to focus on  😉 is a real treat. 

But most of all its just an awesome age group to work with. It doesn’t matter which graduation it is its always an exciting mile marker in an individuals life.

I enjoyed talking with him about his future plans. He is in the middle of making decisions about which high school to attend and already considering what he will take in college. He also shared with me that he enjoys architecture, writing code (python – to which I nodded and acted like I knew exactly what he meant)  😉 and is even considering the military as options for his future. 

I will admit I was nervous about this shoot. Not because of Ryan, he’s great and I had worked with him before for a family session. He is a great model! But since this shoot was scheduled on January 29th in the gorgeous Northwest I figured my chances of having the weather cooperate were slim to none…

Probably my biggest obstacle in being a photographer is due to the weather. Having said that I will admit I have only had to reschedule because of weather a very small percentage of times. However, I stress about it 100% of the time.  Thankfully this was a gorgeous somewhat warm (for January) Sunday morning and we had a relaxed fun shoot down in PDX. 

Thanks Ryan for the opportunity to be your photographer at such an exciting marker in your life. I’m wishing you all the best as you make your decisions for your future. 




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