Family {Thornton Family]


The beautiful Thornton Family – I was so impressed with how well the siblings connected with each other. It is always fun to stop posing people and just say something like “OK relax, or just talk to each other, or just do what you want”  – then watch with camera ready to see what happens




Sister Sarah is heading off to college this weekend – which meant it was time to get some family photos.  I have learned the truth of  once our kiddos start heading out the door the times when you are all together again are precious and few.



I’ve known Greg since high school and attended college with Lora. I always get a kick out of thinking back to those days – I never dreamed that one day I would be photographing their family –  for a few reasons. 1. Because at that time I wasn’t planning on being a photographer. 2. I don’t think any of us were thinking too much about our future “families” we were just trying to figure out what we were going to be! 😉





and now we have created the next generation to take over the world  😛



257 variety


I love the {variety} my job offers! It comes in many ways – Clients – always different, interesting and fun to get to know or see again! Locations – I have a few favorite locations but even then I’m always looking for a new background, texture, lighting situations and I love to find new locations! Hours – while I’m trying to keep “regular hours” at my new studio my schedule is flexible. That means I’m flexible to someone else’s schedule, the weather or what ever obstacle is presenting itself but it’s all good because I find challenges energizing! I also have {variety} in what I’m shooting – families, little ones, seniors, landscapes – whatever crosses my path! 😆

I did this



Growing up as a child I don’t remember “decorating” for Fall, only Christmas. I don’t really remember even seeing anyone decorate for Fall until I lived in Georgia. In Georgia my neighbors would buy hay bales, corn stalks and pumpkins and decorate their front porches. I loved it and joined along. I haven’t bought a hay bale since moving back West but now that I grow my own pumpkins I love having them to decorate my front entrance.  🙂

So yes {I did this} I grew those pumpkins (mini, Cinderella and Connecticut) and decorated my porch. Have I mentioned I love Fall?  😉

Side Note-I have to say our weathermen have hit a new low in their forecasting skills… I have trained myself to never believe them when they forecast snow. But now they are even blowing rain predictions! It was supposed to “be a real soaker” today but so far I haven’t seen a drop. Which is fine – its cool enough I’m wearing boots and that is all that matters!


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