Akrawi Family {Family Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

Baby it’s COLD outside! Originally this family was scheduled for their photo session on the day of our first snow. But these California transplants opted to move the session up a day and I’m glad we did. We were rewarded with blue skies but a chilling east breeze kept us moving! We had gorgeous light to work with thanks to those clear skies and I loved the fall colors the Akrawi family wore. Which made for some beautiful pictures.


Evan had the coolest coat! We were all about ready to climb in there with him! Emma had firm control of several blankets and was immediately wrapped and snuggled in between each picture {who wouldn’t want to snuggle that cute face!}


But we kept moving and wrapping up and having a good time. If you look closely you will see Ludo {puppy} tucked into someone’s jacket in several of the shoots. 

3 collage

Such a gorgeous family! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them again! And even though it was a chilly day it made for some beautiful scenery. Thanks for toughing out the cold Akrawi Family! We will make Northwesterners out of you yet! 😉


A Huge Thank You!

Thank you to each of you that took the time to stop by for my 3 year celebration. It was so affirming to me to see each of you. Becky’s food was AMAZING and I’m so grateful to her for her willingness to do that and do it so well! So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Project 366 – almost done!



As much as I like to travel I am so profoundly thankful to call the NW my home. I love living and photographing this area. This photo is titled “Giants of the Gorge” and is available on canvas.



We need to find away to have sparkly lights in our lives all year long.



It’s fun to play with the camera settings and the Christmas lights  😀



Oh baby I LOVE THE SNOW!!!! The lights are beautiful but then you add SNOW and BAM perfection!!!



Have I mentioned I love the snow?! So fun to photograph!

Winter ActivityIMG_20161216_205437 (1)


Zoo Lights! In the Snow!!! It was perfect!



Jeff and I happily celebrated our 28th year of marriage this past weekend. I’m proud of that number and horrified. How on earth am I old enough to have been married that long!!!  😯

Off Prompt



It’s so fun exploring when its frosty outside. We headed to Multnomah Falls which is simply stunning with the white snow and massive icicles. I love the NW!



There are presents under the tree and it makes me happy! I love giving gifts!

WhiteDSC_9005 355/366

A boy and his dog in a field of {white}.



Got him safely to the airport in the predawn hours on icy roads.

IMG_20161215_061756Josh made it safely to Europe. He is currently in Munich Germany. Today he is attending a soccer game there = a dream come true.



Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!



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