Valentine/Macro/Makes Me Happy

Valentine 45/365 You simply can't go wrong with a holiday that essentially celebrates chocolate... Macro 46/365 In photography the term {macro} refers to photographing extreme close-up of usually extremely small objects... To accomplish this you really need a {macro] lens which I currently do not own... So my goal for this pictures was to take it somewhat close up enhancing the details the light on the tulip petals were highlighting. And I love tulips...they are my favorite and we are headed straight into tulip season!!! Makes Me Happy 47/365 Having the family together {makes me happy}!!!!!!!!!!!! Josh was home for [...]



Curly 41/365 I remember when my boys had curly hair... Ringlets even... But they were cut off long ago and they never returned... When I read {curly} I automatically think hair... Then ribbons, then a pigs tail... It took me awhile to figure out what to take a picture of yesterday... Finally I saw they {curly}, twisty, vines of my Wisteria... I love my Wisteria... While wandering in the yard I noticed tight buds on my lilacs, daffodils, new growth from my iris beds and shasta daisies... I love Spring... Pattern 42/365 I was excited about today's photo prompt... I [...]


Keepsake/I made this

Keepsake 29/365 Thursday's photo prompt {keepsake} had my mind racing... I am a person who likes sentimental things... But nothing sprang to mind... Initially I pulled out my postcard collection.  I love that collection... But then I thought of a beautiful wooden box I've had since childhood... And then I remembered what I keep in that box... LOVE LETTERS!!! Then I wondered why it took me so long to think of them... Letters written from my 20/21 year old future husband to my 18/19 year old self... Especially interesting are the letters written shortly after our engagement.  Jeff was living [...]



Weather So I was hopeful for Thursday's photo {weather}... We were driving through the Gorge on our way to Walla Walla.  I have seen some pretty spectacular cloud formations and lighting in the Gorge so I figured I would have no problem finding the shot of the day... Turns out it was the most boring, nondescript, solid white nothingness and I realized (fairly quickly) I needed a plan B... I noticed the wind was blowing... That trusty Gorge wind...always there... I envisioned a way to "capture" the wind...I would hand the camera to my man and have him take a [...]


Leading lines/Relax!/In my cup

You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club."  --Jack London LEADING LINES 17/365 {Leading Lines} I'm a cheater...but I've decided to allow myself to be a cheater when it is least in my mind... Saturday's photo assignment was leading lines...I was actually excited about the challenge.  I pictured myself grabbing my camera and wandering looking for a new picture...but it was POURING rain all day and happily we ended up with unexpected plans which kept us busy all day. In photography leading lines are naturally occurring lines found in the frame of your picture. Lines that [...]

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