Stripes 140/365 I love the above picture... I love the man that is in the picture... I love the way he looks in a tie... I love that he has a reason to wear a tie.... :) Crisp 141/365 {Crisp} - What I think of when I hear {crisp} cold, apples, crunchy, burnt, brittle... I enjoy these word games... I find it interesting when I pause and think about the images I see in my head when I read the photo prompt for the day... I think it would be a fun game to play... I chose my {crisp}, crunchy, [...]



Alive 117/365 Spring is {alive} in the Northwest! I am absolutely loving all the blooms! Everything in my yard is budding, blooming, smelling, greening, unfurling, is glorious!!! The Wisteria is my favorite! It smells amazing and I love having some time to sit underneath it and read for a few minutes!  And with the warm weather comes the urge to get outside - on my bike! I was able to get a 16.5 mile ride in on Monday and while I will admit to some suffering it was GORGEOUS! As I road on the country roads by my home I saw [...]


My Perspective/Technology

My Perspective 112/365 {My Perspective} changes from day to day sometimes minute by minute.  In photography it is so important to be able to "capture" a unique perspective in order to make your pictures stand out from others - this is often described as the Photographer's Eye.... Sometimes that requires I climb into a dumpster, lay in the dirt, climb a tree, shoot through a window etc... Searching for that unique perspective or {my perspective} is one of the things I enjoy most about being a photographer.... But another way to look at perspective is just daily life... I was [...]



Monday 96/365 I'm blessed with being a really busy photographer this week! As you know Sunday started with hanging my pictures at Lava Java, then straight to an Easter shoot and then Monday I spent the afternoon with this beautiful family!!!! I am beyond thrilled with my busy schedule and I'm looking forward to being the photographer for their wedding in June.  It is a beautiful thing when love finds its way... Peace 97/365 As much as a love being a photographer it does come with a big ball of nerves in my gut... I wonder if that will ever [...]



Still 89/365 As a photographer it is really important that I have the ability to hold still while taking a picture. If I move my picture will be blurry and no one wants that... One of the things I love most about photography is the freedom I have to move and explore as I'm looking for the next shot.  But then there always comes the time to hold {still} - thankfully it only lasts for a second and then it is time to move again :)  While I am taking pictures I am often moving, climbing, crouching, talking, bossing, thinking, [...]


What I’m looking At/My addiction

What I'm Looking At  84/365 I never, ever, never get tired of the beauty of the NW - I still notice the snow capped mountains with a thrill, I love the lush greenness, the explosion of color brought on by Spring.  I love the way the rivers rise and fall with the rains and I love the trees!  One of my favorite places is Lewisville Park - I probably average a visit about 3 times a week.  It is full of gorgeous trees but these three are probably my favorite.  We have had two strong wind storms here in the past few [...]


An Animal/Negative Space}

An Animal 70/365 When I saw the photo prompt for Wednesday my heart squeezed a little... The {animal} I wanted to take a picture of my beautiful Golden, Teddy Rose... But sadly that was not an option... And I had already posted a picture of Ella so I opted for {an animal} picture I was lucky enough to "capture" a year ago in Maui... I remember being on the boat with a bunch of friends when this beautiful {animal} breached... As soon as it was over everyone's head snapped to my direction and they all yelled "did you get it?" [...]


On My Plate/Metal

On My Plate 68/365 Oh the things I do for a picture... I will start at the end... See that yummy piece of homemade bread slathered in homemade jam? I threw it in the trash after taking this picture... I toasted, buttered, jammed it all up... Found one of my prettiest plates... Choose a sunny location... Stood on a chair to take the picture... All so you could see what was {on my plate} Then I threw it in the trash... Why? Because even though I could make it look pretty it was an old and stale. :)  Metal 69/365 I [...]


Change/Eyes/Rule of 3rds

Change 63/365 Change - The coin kind or the life kind?? I decided to interpret Wednesday's photo prompt as the {change} that takes place in life... I need {change} like I need oxygen... I'm very blessed with the opportunity to pursue photography right now...  One of the many things I love about photography is all the various ways I can incorporate {change} into my day... {Change} of venue, {change} of equipment, {change} of subject, {change} of time of day, {change} of editing...change, change, change! Wednesday my youngest and I headed to the beach to do some senior pictures... I thought all day about how my [...]


Bokeh/A Sound

Bokeh 61/365 I'm in love with {bokeh} - rhymes with mocha... Its that blurry background you find in some pictures... I especially love {bokeh} when taking portraits.... I feel it accentuates the picture, adding a nice contrast that helps the subject stand out... It took me a long time to understand how to accomplish this in photography... It happens when you have a lens (which I do now) that will shoot wide open - in this case Nikon 50mm 1.8 - that means the it has the ability to have a very shallow depth of field only allowing the camera [...]

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