Things I feel good about this week

What a difference a day makes! Wow! The rain is pouring outside my window right now! And I kinda like it…  😉  I know I’m weird that way. I have also loved, loved, loved the sun and warmth of this week! But Spring is tricky and unpredictable and I like that!

Hey! Is it just me or did this week FLY by? The good news is its almost weekend time – but first I decided to reflect on what went well this week and ignore the rest!  😉

  1. In total I rode 104 miles on my bike!  😯
  2. I booked a family session for September – I now have 2 weekends in September booked! Take note Fall people  😀
  3. I booked another session for the cutest vintage store in BG – Posh + Tattered. I love their shop and I’m looking forward to taking some pictures for the marketing needs!
  4. Planted my garden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sat under my blooming Wisteria  🙂
  6. Had an unexpected and delightful call from my son ( he called)
  7. Another son has contacted me twice this week with History questions regarding an upcoming test 😀  {he still needs me!}



Someday I need to work up the courage to ask my neighbors what they think when the see me constantly roaming around my yard with my camera  🙄  I love this picture and when I looked hard enough I saw {dots} in the bokeh  😀

My Camera112 my camera


I love {my camera} I feel lost and sometimes supremely frustrated when I don’t have it.  For example, last week we took Lucy to the dog park which has amazing views of Mt. Hood on clear days. We arrived and I immediately realized I should have brought my camera! It wasn’t just a clear day it was a crystal clear day. The mountain was sharp and white and spectacular with the lush green fields in the foreground and as we walked I kept saying “I should have brought my camera” and “do I have time to run home and grab my camera?” Light is a tricky thing. It can change so quickly and in the matter of seconds it can go from spectacular to  completely flat. But as we walked the minutes ticked off and the mountain continued to be beautiful and frankly it was ruining my walk! I was fretting and obsessing about how beautiful the mountain was and I didn’t have my camera! So I finally (after way too much time) made a run for it and grabbed my camera. I returned and guess what? The lights had gone out on the mountain. Literally! Everything else still had beautiful light but the sun had gone too low and the mountain looked dark. 🙁  Lesson learned always take camera to dog park!!!

Take some time and make a list of what went well for you this week. You won’t regret it!


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