Just the little ones {Fultz kiddos}

I truly have my dream job. Thank you to all who have supported me with words of encouragement, shares on facebook, purchasing pictures, booking sessions, recommendations, the list truly goes on and on. I am so completely blessed with your friendships and hope I can be that supportive and encouraging of those in my life. Sincerely - Thank You!!!! One of the several reasons this is my dream job is the fact that I get to hang out with people for an hour or two and just have fun. My sincerest hope is that in the end you will have [...]


Abstract/Lunch/A Basket/Season/What I’m Looking At

Abstract 149/365 So it's time to play catch-up on my blog! These last few days have been a blast! I am so thankful I had the opportunity to go along with my sons senior trip to Lake Shasta.  The above picture is labeled {abstract} After driving all night long, arriving at the lake at 7am and then being out on the lake by 10am my brain could not process anything...I simply took a picture of the seniors on their "party boat" with the beautiful {abstract} designs in the water. Lunch 150/365 {Lunch} time on the party barge.  This was one [...]


9am/How I relax/What I’m doing now

9 am 135/365 At {9am} on this day I was at a doctors appointment waiting to have my blood drawn... I intended to take a picture while the needle was going into my arm, but I was trying so hard at that moment to pretend a needle wasn't going into my arm that I forgot to take the picture! How I relax 136/365 {How I relax} really depends on what is going on in my life... Sometimes it means sitting down with a chai and reading a good book... Sometimes it means calling up a friend and going out to eat... Sometimes it [...]



Bubbles  133/365 I am blessed with 4 lovely nieces and 1 fantastic nephew...   I had the opportunity to spend some time with 3 of my nieces so we did a mini photo shoot and I took advantage of that days prompt {bubbles} I absolutely love the picture above of Payton...Her expression is precious!  {Bubbles} are fun! I use to keep some in my car and I would blow them out the window whenever I was stuck in traffic... I think I need to start doing that again... I think everything is better with bubbles... Yellow 134/365 This was my [...]


Seasonal/Bought This

Seasonal 122/365 Making sure he has the proper attire to move to Mississippi! OOOOHHHH! I love them sooooooooooooo much!!!! My favorite and best nephew in the entire world!!!!!! {Seasonal} - Are birthdays considered {seasonal}? Like a holiday {season}? Obviously I'm stretching here but Saturday was about family and celebrating my brother-in-law's 50th birthday.  My niece and nephew (and Will - love him too!) were here and it is always so nice to have them around!!! I Bought This 123/365 This beautiful bag is my new camera bag. It is the reward I promised myself if I was able to make [...]



Monday 96/365 I'm blessed with being a really busy photographer this week! As you know Sunday started with hanging my pictures at Lava Java, then straight to an Easter shoot and then Monday I spent the afternoon with this beautiful family!!!! I am beyond thrilled with my busy schedule and I'm looking forward to being the photographer for their wedding in June.  It is a beautiful thing when love finds its way... Peace 97/365 As much as a love being a photographer it does come with a big ball of nerves in my gut... I wonder if that will ever [...]


What I’m looking At/My addiction

What I'm Looking At  84/365 I never, ever, never get tired of the beauty of the NW - I still notice the snow capped mountains with a thrill, I love the lush greenness, the explosion of color brought on by Spring.  I love the way the rivers rise and fall with the rains and I love the trees!  One of my favorite places is Lewisville Park - I probably average a visit about 3 times a week.  It is full of gorgeous trees but these three are probably my favorite.  We have had two strong wind storms here in the past few [...]


Starts with W/Collection/A WindowW

Starts with "W" 72/365 {W}ater, {W}hale, {W}hole wheat bread, {W}indow, {W}hite, {W}agon, {W}heel, {W}ell, {W}elcome... {W}ater tower - As I mulled over what I would take a picture of Friday my mind finally settled on the trusty {w}ater tower in my neighborhood and at my high school... I've always loved this {w}ater tower and I have panicked when rumors have surfaced that it might come down... Happily I don't think it is going anywhere but it no longer delivers the drinking water to the school.  I LOVED the taste of the water out of the drinking fountains there... Collection  73/365 [...]


On My Plate/Metal

On My Plate 68/365 Oh the things I do for a picture... I will start at the end... See that yummy piece of homemade bread slathered in homemade jam? I threw it in the trash after taking this picture... I toasted, buttered, jammed it all up... Found one of my prettiest plates... Choose a sunny location... Stood on a chair to take the picture... All so you could see what was {on my plate} Then I threw it in the trash... Why? Because even though I could make it look pretty it was an old and stale. :)  Metal 69/365 I [...]

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