It’s been a busy week of networking for me.  I’m new to this networking thing. The point meet people, get my name out there so when people think “hmmm I need a photographer” they know just who to call!  😀 This week I have meetings each and every day where I am putting myself out there in some way or another and while I’m always glad I do it – it can be stressful! Selling yourself is stressful!  😯  There’s nothing like walking around hoping someone likes what you are doing. Or admitting you need help from someone because you can’t figure it out.  But truly what I have enjoyed the most about all this networking has been meeting so many new people! My world is expanding and I love it! And it truly doesn’t matter if I do business with them or not it is just fun to see so many more friendly faces around!

My point – I have been afraid on some level every day this week. Today my fear was about announcing Mini Sessions for this Sunday. Its something I have thought about doing before but all the steps and the giant fear (just being honest here) that NO ONE is interested in what you have to offer. But when I really think about it – I really don’t have anything to fear – its just self-doubt – which can be REALLY, REALLY persistent! I wrote in big letters across last weeks calendar pages “WHEN I AM AFRAID I WILL TRUST IN YOU” Psalm 56:3 – I have had to say that over and over in my head lately. Whether its when I’m riding my bike and cars are flying by or I’m pushing against those walls of fear in my business life, or with lifes financial stresses. Because really fear doesn’t fix a thing! It just makes it worse – So here’s to shhhushing that fear voice and trusting in HIM!  😀

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Riding my bike around the streets of Battle Ground, Wa. is a beautiful and terrifying experience! When I began riding here about 17 years ago the country roads were quite and peaceful. The scenery was stunning and the hills killers. Now all these years later when I slip into my beautiful biking {shoes} I have to carefully consider the time of day and the roads I will chose to ride  😯 I just read that Germany is building a 64 mile ROAD for bikes! I might have to move to Germany!

Free ChoiceDSC_8345-2



I have been known to get into the car and drive to a location just to take a picture of it! This is one of those times {free choice} This field of gorgeous color mixed in with the trees is just stunning! I wish I had a field like that! One of my favorite things to photograph this time of year are the tall grasses with the beautiful tall flowers mixed in! I hold my breath hoping the lawn mowers don’t show up and ruin the scenery!

Thanks for stopping by! I really do appreciate it! and if you’re interested in nabbing one of the 6 mini session spots for this weekend hop over to my FB page here  and follow the directions.


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