I accidentally took a week off!

Hello again, Things got a little busy and before I knew it I had missed not one but three blog posts!  8-O I have lots of catching up to do including cutie Patootie Kids to blog about and fun family outings. But today it will just be about catching up with my Project 365. While I haven't been blogging I have been taking pictures on a daily basis. I haven't missed a day. If you want to follow along I post each day on my Instagram account. My June calendar is almost full of upcoming photo sessions including my first [...]



It's been a busy week of networking for me.  I'm new to this networking thing. The point meet people, get my name out there so when people think "hmmm I need a photographer" they know just who to call!  :-D This week I have meetings each and every day where I am putting myself out there in some way or another and while I'm always glad I do it - it can be stressful! Selling yourself is stressful!  8-O  There's nothing like walking around hoping someone likes what you are doing. Or admitting you need help from someone because you [...]


Things I feel good about this week

What a difference a day makes! Wow! The rain is pouring outside my window right now! And I kinda like it...  ;-)  I know I'm weird that way. I have also loved, loved, loved the sun and warmth of this week! But Spring is tricky and unpredictable and I like that! Hey! Is it just me or did this week FLY by? The good news is its almost weekend time - but first I decided to reflect on what went well this week and ignore the rest!  ;-) In total I rode 104 miles on my bike!  8-O I booked [...]


Happy Spring!

As of yesterday Spring has officially arrived! So today I'm simply going to fill this post with pictures of beautiful flowers. The weather is very Spring like (rain, sun, rain, rain, sun) After days like we had Saturday I find myself getting very impatient with the rain. BUT that's life here in the NW and there is nowhere else I would rather live!  8-)  :-D Where I Stand 78/366 I love the parks in our area! I love having a dog that "forces"  ;-) me outside everyday for long walks  :-D  As a result I get to enjoy the beauty [...]


Hello Monday

Well, Friday got away from me and before I knew it I was sitting in Troutdale at the Taco Bell parking lot talking to my oldest, and my blog post just didn't happen, so there will be lots of pictures today ;-) I also spoke at CAA for Career Day - how fun was that! I got to stand in front of students and tell them about what photography is like as a career - plus the presenters were given yummy snacks after so- score! Not long after my stellar presentation - I was headed south on a Friday afternoon to [...]


Classes of 2015 and 2016 – Favorites so far…

Hi and welcome to my first post of 2016! I was thrilled to wake up Sunday morning to lovely fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky! What a beautiful surprise and a reminder that if the weathermen don't forecast for snow that is when you can expect it!  ;-) I wanted to share some of my favorite Senior Sessions from last year. Do you know a senior? I would love to book a session with them! Send them my way! Some of these seniors graduated from 8th grade, high school or college. Some graduated in 2015 and others are looking forward [...]


Mowery Family Session

  It is so exciting when my phone rings and the person on the other end wants to book a session with me!  :lol:  I sound calm but I assure you I am doing a happy dance on the other end of the phone! It just hasn't gotten old! I love the opportunity to take pictures of people!  :-D  I absolutely HATE saying no - When clients call me I do all I can to get them booked on my schedule. When the Mowery family called the only opening I had for several weeks was for the very next morning. [...]


Oops time to catch up!

I was completely distracted with my family and it didn't even occur to me that I had missed a blog post on Friday until Sunday evening :roll: So I'm a bit off schedule - Today I am just going to catch up on my 365 Project and Wed I will share the beautiful Ermshar Family's photo session. Baking 329/365 One of the many things that really impressed me when I met Jeff (he was 18) was that the boy could cook!  ;-) Thankfully that has not changed! The night before Thanksgiving he suddenly decided he wanted to make scalloped potatoes. [...]


It’s Friday!

I'm so excited! One of our most awesome Georgia friends is flying in this morning for a quick visit! He is on his way back from Hawaii and is taking the time to spend today with us!! :-D Our first stop will be Slappy Cakes! If you haven't eaten there you have to try it! So fun! And Yummy! So I gotta go but here are the rest of this weeks photos for my 365 Project.   My Favorite Thing 308/365 One of {my favorite things} is time - Time to spend with family, a good book, to take an adventure, to [...]


Family {Thornton Family]

The beautiful Thornton Family - I was so impressed with how well the siblings connected with each other. It is always fun to stop posing people and just say something like "OK relax, or just talk to each other, or just do what you want"  - then watch with camera ready to see what happens   Sister Sarah is heading off to college this weekend - which meant it was time to get some family photos.  I have learned the truth of  once our kiddos start heading out the door the times when you are all together again are precious [...]

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