A Mother’s Love {Family Photographer Vancouver WA & Battle Ground WA}

As a mom and a photographer I have to make a deliberate effort to have my picture taken. It's not that I enjoy having my picture taken its that I would simply like to exist... I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I fell in love with photography long before there was such a thing as a "selfie".  As a result, there are years of photo albums filled with pictures of vacations, birthday parties and various adventures  where you see my husband, kids and family members and while I was there... you will only see very few photos of me.  Existing [...]


Making it Official {Photographer Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

Last Friday evening I found myself laying on my photography studio floor about an hour before family and friends were to arrive for final preparations for the Grand Opening. As I laid there starring at the ceiling many thoughts ran through my mind. I tried to calm myself. I tried to focus.  I thought back over my journey to that moment, the moment where I was laying on the floor of my very own photography studio. I was literally floored.  I talk often about the importance of setting goals. Goals keep you moving forward, they give you a feeling of [...]


Grand Opening on Main Street – Friday August 4th

Hello!!!! Welcome to the hottest week of the year! Goodness the temperatures are way past my comfort zone! Thankfully I'm happily sitting in my new air conditioned studio typing away in comfort.  Check out my new welcome mat! Thank you Becky it's perfect!!!! I am really looking forward to meeting you all this Friday at the Grand Opening here on Main Street. As I was trying to think of something I could hand out to those of you who come by I decided upon reusable bags with my logo splashed across it.  ;-) As I scanned the internet for ordering [...]


Double Trouble {Family Photographer Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

I believe I have mentioned a time or two how much I love my job, every part of it! I will admit that some sessions are just a little extra special to me and this was one of them.  Christina is the beautiful momma of this gorgeous family and she is a former student of mine.  She was one of my favorites! :-)  Whenever I have the opportunity to photograph former students it just thrills my heart. I loved my years teaching and it is such a blessing to be able to connect with them again and see them with [...]


What are your goals? {Goal Setting and Achieving}

Big or little I find goals motivating. Some days I need that goal to get me moving in a positive direction. Sometimes my goal is simply to get through my to do list. Sometimes its something bigger like riding up a mountain. Last Fall we were visiting our sons at college. We stood outside the church visiting with various people.  One of them being Cheri. She casually commented that she had noticed on FB I had been doing a lot of riding. I said yes,  I had been helping my friend Denise train for a triathlon. Cheri then asked if [...]


Setting the bar high…{Goal setting in your life}

Hi Friends, Thanks for stopping in. I really appreciate those of you who have supported me personally and professionally as I stumble along my path. 8-)  I'm feeling a bit intimidated and overwhelmed as of late and I know it is helpful for me to get out what is banging around in my head so here it goes.... I have dreamed of having a space on Main St. Battle Ground. The added viability plus the simple hustle and bustle of people walking by on the street would be a vast improvement over my current ghost town corner. I could not [...]


Madison 2017 {Senior Photographer Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

I had the opportunity to be Madison's photographer recently. Tonight is a big night for this beauty. She will be graduating and moving on to the next big step in life!    I was thrilled to schedule Madison's Graduate Session while the cherry blossoms where in bloom a perfect match for her stunning coloring! Look at that gorgeous hair! We met at Fort Vancouver but took the time to drive up to Clark College where there Cherry trees were in full bloom! Spring came late this year but it was spectacular!    Madison will be graduating from the 8th grade [...]


Things are changing! {Vancouver WA & Battle Ground WA Photographer}

Hi Friends! It seems I have forgotten how to blog!  :roll:  It's time for me to get back at it! Today I would like to update you on some things... Change in my opinion is good! I do appreciate stability in my life but if SOMETHING isn't changing I get very restless! Change should equals growth and where my business is concerned there are some aspects I will never change (quality customer service, great communication, fairly priced) . The bottom line is I want to grow! This Summer SFP will be moving into a new space the beginning of July! [...]


Love is in the Air {Wedding Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

Love is in the air. It seems men are dropping to their knees proposing to their girls all over the place! Even if Spring is delayed this year there still seems to be something in the air.... LOVE. Which makes this wedding photographer very happy  8-)  After having to reschedule once due to weather (surprise surprise) we scored a dry day in PDX for Amber and Clayton's engagement session. They are such a beautiful couple and very... smoochy... which I LOVED!!! Look at that dip! They know what they are doing! I made sure they were planning on doing the [...]


Chase those dreams big and small!

Some people just don't get me. And that's OK I usually don't get those people either.  A week ago I was wandering around Oklahoma and Arkansas with my friend Becky. She had generously proposed that we spend her Spring Break pursuing my dream of visiting all 50 States. While there we found ourselves explaining ourselves over and over again. Which was met with various reactions. "Where are you two girls from?" to which we would respond "Washington State" the next question was inevitable, "what brings you to Oklahoma (or Arkansas) This question would lead to us explaining my quest for [...]

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