Shine or Stink it’s up to you

 I was pulled into a FB "discussion" which involved someone making a harsh judgement about something they had never participated or personally witnessed. Words like disgusting, cruel, inhumane, abusive, among others were used. I made one statement because I did have first hand knowledge of the topic. What troubled me about the whole "conversation" was the willingness to jump on the bandwagon without any real knowledge about what was being discussed. Perhaps it is something that needs to be changed but is getting on a public forum like FB and venting your opinions to the point where you are actively [...]

Family a beautiful thing {Family Photographer Vancouver WA & Portland OR}

Families grow up together. Siblings spend every day of their lives together, until they don't. Suddenly they are off to college, or off chasing a job or just off...And then sometimes they settle far away from one another with only rare precious visits. I'm very aware of this having two adult sons. I'm holding my breath as we near the time when spouses are chosen, jobs are found. I pray they will be close but who knows? At 20 I married and moved from Washington State to Florida! It's one of the reasons I believe holidays are so precious to [...]

Happy 2017 Cheers to a New Year!

So here I am sitting in my office Jan 4th 2017. It is FREEZING outside by the sky is an amazing blue. Lucy is at my feet chewing on a treat and I am all caught up on my editing. On my desk are two long to do lists so even without editing I have plenty to keep me busy. My oldest is in the final 30 min of a 10 hour 38 min flight from Heathrow to San Francisco. Sadly for him he has two more flights today before he finally arrives back at WW.  My youngest is in [...]

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock….

2016 is quickly coming to a close. How do you feel about that? Are you the type that reflects back on the year and asks questions like How did I do? Do you compare years? Do you make new resolutions for next year? Do you pull out the list from last Jan 1 and notice your accomplishments? I have mentioned before I don't do resolutions. I do like to set goals for myself. For example I challenged myself two years ago to daily devotions and I have kept with that. I challenged myself last year to read 30 books this [...]

Akrawi Family {Family Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

Baby it's COLD outside! Originally this family was scheduled for their photo session on the day of our first snow. But these California transplants opted to move the session up a day and I'm glad we did. We were rewarded with blue skies but a chilling east breeze kept us moving! We had gorgeous light to work with thanks to those clear skies and I loved the fall colors the Akrawi family wore. Which made for some beautiful pictures. Evan had the coolest coat! We were all about ready to climb in there with him! Emma had firm control of [...]

Mason- Hendrickson Wedding {Wedding Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

I've known Chase since he was a little guy. I was even his History teacher. Which means I suffered through several of his pranks. The most memorable being walking into a classroom only to be greeted with a viscous sprinkling from a class armed with squirt guns.  :lol:  Chase hates being upfront so I took great pleasure in finding ways for him to be upfront in my class.  :twisted: Ours has been a "friendly" war through the years. I just met his gorgeous Fiancee,  Katie this year. Man did Chase luck out with this girl! She is stunning, laid back,happy [...]

Let’s Celebrate together!

Did you enjoy the big snow storm yesterday? Or the icey slop we have this morning? I'll admit to having a bit of a temper tantrum just before noon when there still hadn't been any snow to speak of. It's such a rare event I keep hoping that this will be the time we get absolutely buried in snow.  ;-)  Maybe next time. I hope you have marked your calendars and plan to stop by on Sunday between 2-4 to visit my studio. I'm really looking forward to seeing you all and eating Becky's yummy food!  :lol:  Things have been [...]

Fry Guys {Family Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

I was stressing because I didn't know how I was going to find time for my own family shoot! How would that look?!  :lol:  It's like the cobbler with out shoes!  Sometimes the best things happen spontaneously! Last year we had sunshine and time to go to a Christmas Tree Farm and do our family shoot there. This year a combination of weather and availability meant there was no time on the weekends to shoot and with it getting dark so early a week night wasn't a possibility because of Jeff's job. Grrrrrr. Thanksgiving Day's forecast was for torrential rain... [...]

Cella Family {Family Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

I met Heather and her son Tyler this Fall when I took Tyler's senior pictures. We had such a fun time Heather asked me to do a family session with her entire family and I was thrilled to have the opportunity. Heather was beaming she was so grateful to have her family together and to be capturing precious pictures that will be cherished! I was able to meet Heather's husband Jeff, Tyler's big brother Michael and little brother Zachary.  Michael's beautiful girlfriend, Desi and their adorable son Braxley also joined in. Braxley was perfectly content in that box! I think [...]

Black Friday – Sale at SFP {Family Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

What Black Friday means to me - Avoid at all costs any shopping that involves leaving the house A day to get my Christmas decorations up while Christmas music fills the house Christmas lights go on the outside of the house Sometimes venturing out to get the tree I respect those of you who do participate in the traditional Black Friday shopping. Perhaps you enjoy the thrill of the hunt. The pure competition of the event. Love to have bragging rights. I am simply cut from a different cloth. However, I was inspired this morning to offer up my own [...]

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