10 Things about me as a – Teenager

I was a jock - I went to school for three reasons - sports, friends, and boys. I wanted to be on the Women's Olympic Volleyball Team and secretly wondered if I was good enough The scariest moment of my teenage years was climbing the CAA water tower. I did it twice and it scared the pee out of me both times! I lived in the same home within walking distance of the high school for all four years. My "friends" frequently broke in and trashed my room! Of course I returned the favor... My Senior year I was asked [...]


Yesterday it was Sunny…

My hubby, Lucy and I had a spontaneous trip to the beach. It simply could not have gone better! It was our first overnight in a hotel trip with Lucy. I was a tad nervous about staying in a "pet friendly" room - would it be smelly and dirty? Happily no (she did immediately find a bone under the bed however...) She (Lucy) was a rock star - Is it that we are awesome puppy parents or was she naturally born that way? I don't know and I don't care but I was shocked, amazed and thrilled that the girl [...]


Mowery Family Session

  It is so exciting when my phone rings and the person on the other end wants to book a session with me!  :lol:  I sound calm but I assure you I am doing a happy dance on the other end of the phone! It just hasn't gotten old! I love the opportunity to take pictures of people!  :-D  I absolutely HATE saying no - When clients call me I do all I can to get them booked on my schedule. When the Mowery family called the only opening I had for several weeks was for the very next morning. [...]


Ermshar Family – Christmas Spirit!

I would like the thank the Ermshar family for helping me get into the Christmas spirit. As you know I was holding onto Fall with both hands and my teeth... :-? But it was this family's family session that finally pushed me over the edge and full into the holiday season.  :-D The Ermshars wanted their session to have a Christmas theme so they chose the perfect location -Tapaan's Christmas Tree Farm off of 72nd - Which I would like to thank Tapaan Farms for being so generous with us - telling us to feel free to roam and shoot [...]


Lucy is home!

Oh my... Lucy is home! The day finally arrived...and so did the night :-|  But we will survive! Yes, our sleep is interrupted and our freedom somewhat limited at this time, but we are head over heals with this little one. We have decided in addition to being ADORABLE she is also super smart! After only a day she has figured out to ring the bell on the door when she "needs to go out" However, I have noticed this morning it is more of I "want" to go out... So bear with me as for awhile as I become [...]


21 years ago

21 years ago today I became a Mom for the first time. 21 years ago We lived in Georgia... 21 years ago I was much younger... 21 years ago I was terrified I would lose him, damage him, fail to teach him essential life lessons and feed him the right foods... 21 years ago he weighed just over 5lbs and was 18 1/2" long Happy 21st Birthday Joshua! You are more than I ever hoped you would be! A High Angle 275/365 Happily we took the time to drive to WWU and watch our son play some soccer with his [...]


New Beginnings

The holiday weekend is flying by! And for the first time Jeff and I actually went somewhere for the long weekend! We have been enjoying some gorgeous landscapes in the Washington Peninsula. I absolutely LOVE going places I have never been! We have also returned to some stunning locations we visited about 15 years ago and fell in love with. I hope you had a chance to enjoy the holiday weekend!     I absolutely fell in love with this lodge! Build in 1927 Lake Quinault Lodge oozes American history. It take you back to America's glory days when things [...]


Birthday Season

So many birthdays... It is clear that people get a bit frisky in December - there are so many birthdays happening right now my head is spinning! Spinning because my baby is 18, I'm older, AGAIN!   8-O   My hubby is celebrating today and my Mom's bday is next week!  :-D Do you have a "rash" of birthdays in your family? I remember on one of our first dates we we asked questions to get to know each other. I asked when his birthday was - he told me September 4. He was a little stunned by my reaction [...]



Messy 187/365 To be honest sometimes, for a brief time, I like things {messy}... But then I snap and can't handle it another second... {Messy} means I'm busy, rushed, needed, focused on more important things... But then it happens... I'm suddenly in the middle of an organization jag and it can hit at any time... First thing in the morning, late at night, on the weekend... When it hits it has to be done and nothing else matters, and then it feel so good! Then I love tidy, organized and everything in its place.  I will actually keep it that [...]


An Arrangement/Cherish This

An Arrangement 173/365 {An Arrangement} could be an agreement I have with someone...I absolutely love an organized, tidy, producing garden! {An Arrangement} I have with my garden is that I will plant, fertilize, water, weed, admire and it should produce to my hearts content! {An Arrangement} how something(s) are organized - like a bouquet of flowers, or books on a shelf, canisters on a counter or plants in a garden... The weeds seen in the picture are certainly not part of my arrangement! And happily they are now gone... {An Arrangement} a way to organize something or someone... This I [...]

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