Senior – Jackson {Senior Photographer Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

I met Jackson’s Mom Cathy last winter when she was working in the office across from mine. Cathy is cheerful and bubbly and loves her kids! I was excited when she booked her son Jackson’s Senior Session way back in the Spring. She told me he didn’t want senior pictures but she had bribed him by saying he could fish during some of them.  😉

I didn’t meet Jackson until we gathered at the park for his Senior Session. Whether he was there against his will or not he never let it show. Polite, friendly, and willing to pose for me. He was awesome!  😎  I think his gorgeous girlfriend Callista may have helped with his enthusiasm!


I had never photographed anyone fly fishing before and I was mesmerized! He was so graceful as he cast the line creating designs with the line. Clearly he was in his happy place!


Best wishes Jackson and Callista! It was so fun meeting you! Have an awesome Senior year!


Jeff is 50!!!

Life has been a whirlwind! Lots of photography and in the midst of it a big celebration for my hubby! He had so much fun visiting with friends and family and eating his favorite foods.

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Thanks to everyone who came and helped out! We love you all!

Project 366



There was nothing {lazy} about this shoot! Megan was a trooper (more next week) but I like to think it looks like someone is just hanging out on a chair in the middle of a river being {lazy}  😀



Last night I enjoyed watching my friends kiddo play my favorite sport. I enjoyed practicing taking {motion} pictures in horrible lighting  🙄

A Dozendsc_9891


I spent sometime walking around Ft. Vancouver. I noticed the {dozens} and dozens (ok probably hundreds or thousands) of apples on the ground. I love Fall!

Have a great day!



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