Why do I own my own a photography business? Vancouver WA Family and Senior Photographer

What is your Why?

I have been told it is important as a small business owner for me to be able to know my why. In other words my why for being a photographer and owning my own business. 

First of all, I never intended to be a business owner. It never occurred to me that while I was focusing on becoming a photographer, learning how to use my equipment, pose people, marketing, learning, learning, learning that I was in actuality, starting my own business. I  literally had an epiphany while sitting in a networking meeting, that I was in fact a small business owner. It is a good thing it worked out that way.  If I had decided first to start a business I’m certain I would have freaked out and given up. God works in mysterious ways and my path to owning a small business is lined with His care and attention to who I am and what makes me tick. 

 So, my first impulsive answer to “What is my Why”  is, because I want to be a photographer.  Or, because I absolutely LOVE this path I’m on.  But then I realize I need to go deeper.

Be thoughtful…

What is my Why?  I have a talent for it. I work well with people. I truly value what I do.   And I am in love with the power of a photograph and the message it can send. An image that can be captured forever even after those we love have gone. I love connecting with people. I love showing them beautiful images of themselves and the ones they love. And I love having the opportunity and privilege to be party of family milestones and celebrations. 

I love having a way to contribute financially to the family.

I want people to feel like they got more than they expected.

So my why boils down to – I LOVE IT!

My Why is summed up in my Vision Statement  

“Every family member and important milestone are captured in beautiful photographs to last for generations to come.” 

It is an exciting path I’m on. Honestly, some days I’m discouraged.  Some days I’m scared to death I won’t have what it takes to keep pushing on this path.  But that is where I remind myself of this years word BRAVE and I just take it one step at a time. Because I know if I see too far down the road I may get overwhelmed. 


Stay tuned for a BIG announcement from SFP tomorrow.  HINT (give away) 😎  So especially if you have never been photographed by SFP you need to check it out! My plan is to announce it via FB live at 2pm. HA!! We will see how that goes! I’ve never done it before. If nothing else it should be entertaining for you all.  But don’t worry even if you aren’t available to watch me freeze on camera I will be announcing it via IG and regular FB as well.  Or I will just record it where I can take multiple takes and just post the one I like best… stay tuned to see how BRAVE I am tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by! See ya tomorrow





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