Summer has arrived!

It has been busy, busy with graduation pictures, parties, ceremonies, etc! With record breaking heat and pomp and circumstances playing there is no question that summer has arrived!   Of all the many, many, many graduations I have attended I have to say these two were some of my favorite speakers! I appreciate anyone who will put basketballs on their heads to make a point! As I sat there last night I thought back 7 and 5 years to when my kids were graduating from 8th grade. It was such a big deal in our world! And now that they [...]



I was hot, sweaty and in a hurry. But when I rounded the corner all I heard one word in my head "magical"  Not a word I generally use but it was the perfect word to describe what I was seeing. I was frantic with my camera because I didn't feel like I was capturing what my eyes were seeing. How on earth have I been missing this every year of my life? There is a trail (Tom McCall Point Trail) leading up from Rowena Crest - I have ridden my bike up to Rowena Crest several times - but [...]


Looking forward to the weekend!

I'm excited about another beautiful weekend for several reasons! Ty is coming home  :-D We have an adventure planned for Saturday I have mini sessions scheduled for Sunday (2 spots avail let me know!) I'm helping with an auction at CAA on Sunday The weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS  8-) Yesterday I was inspecting the garden and I was THRILLED to see some of my seeds have little green sprouts emerging!!! I get so impatient for that to happen! Of course Lucy promptly stepped on a few :-o What I see 118/366 More baby goats!!! My sweet friend Cindy [...]


Somedays I don't know what to say...   Today is one of those days. Here are my pictures from the weekend.  Thanks for stopping bye! A Collection 113/366 Yes, Miss Lucy is spoiled - but shes a dog so its ok!  ;-)  and no it wasn't easy to get her to pose! Kindness {off prompt} 114/366 I loved watching this beautiful public commitment to Christ! 12 year old Micah was baptized in the very cold river Saturday afternoon I loved his reaction! Morning 115/366 I expected a rainy grey morning on Sunday - It was Stunning!!!! We ventured in to the [...]


Way to go Team Seymour! 5th Place!

Team Seymour - 5th place out of 165 teams from around the world! So excited for these three guys! How fun was it to be able to participate?!?! I will admit it was a tad annoying to see so many FB notifications but it was only for a few days and now FB seems strangely quiet! It made me wonder what if we all participated in elections for US President like we did for Team Seymour? Every like or share equals a vote for your favorite candidate.  To me the message is -we are interested in having our voices heard [...]


Team Seymour – Can they make it? I think they can!

If you know me you know that I am a HUGE fan of Amazing Race - I love to travel and the thought of traveling around the world completing various tasks in exciting locations is THRILLING to me. So I sit on my couch each week and watch others doing it wishing it was me... And now I am following Team Seymour with the Red Bull (yuk I don't like the drink) challenge. It is a promotion for Red Bull. The concept - get 160+ teams of 3 together and have them race around Europe with their only currency being [...]


10 Things about me as a – Grown up (the early years).

I loved it when visiting parents confused me with my students and I loved being the youngest teacher on staff. I believed God opened doors to my first teaching job. I was terrified I didn't know enough to be a teacher and that the kids would figure out that I wasn't as smart as I should be. The scariest moment(s) my pregnancy and birth of Josh (thankful a happy ending) My first 9 years of marriage I lived in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Tennessee (again) and then finally Oregon and Washington! I secretly believed I did not have what it took [...]


Pardon Me – I was distracted by the sun…

Oh hey I'ts Wednesday and I'm supposed to blog today!  ;-) I headed out early for a 32 mile bike ride! I will admit I was struggling at the end but proud I finished it! Then after the world's fastest shower I was off to celebrate a friends recent engagement over some yummy and well earned (32 miles!) pizza! Then I needed to make up for abandoning Lucy for most of the day and now suddenly I realized I haven't blogged today!  8-O So short and sweet to make up for the LONG post on Monday!   Leading Lines 95/366 [...]


Spring Fever!!!!

Hi! I missed writing yesterday. I was busy crashing on my bike and preparing for my boys to come home!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night my home was full! :-D It feels amazing to go to bed knowing your kids are home with you and your family is back together again! Every time it happens I pay attention because I never know when the next time will be! This weather is amazing! The sun feels amazing! I took 45 min and simply sat in the sun yesterday and I highly recommend you find a way to do it as well! I was simply [...]


Turning Point

We are at a turning point with Jeff's Grandparents and it is heartbreaking. Today I'm sharing my heart and I hope you don't mind... The only Grandparents I have left, and the Grandparents I have known the longest and spent to most time with, belonged first to my husband. I adore them! They are such an inspiration and example of strength, dedication and family. They are known by several names - Officially Charlie and Lucille - However Grammy's legal first name is Josie (seems to run in the family people not going by their given names  ;-) ) But after [...]

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