Dog Days of Summer

It's really heating up out there! Can't say I'm a fan of 100 degree heat but its coming ready or not! Blogging has been a struggle lately - I have lost the rhythm of blogging 3xs a week. I will blame it on the heat, or summer, or life in general. Maybe it is writers block or burn out. Who knows? Regardless I have been fighting it for weeks.  8-O  So bear with me as I try to push through and figure out what I'm doing here! I have stuck with my daily picture taking  ;-) Project 365 Together 221/366 [...]


Domestic Goddess

Yes I have a housewife buried deep inside of me. A few times a year in certain circumstances and if I feel like it - I let her out of her cage.  ;-) I was inspired to let her out when I had the opportunity to visit some farm stands in Milton Freewater, OR yesterday and left with a trunk full of  fresh picked peaches and corn. Apparently there had been a run on corn and the first stand was out. The second farm stand had enough for me to snag 2 dozen ears - not much but I'm looking [...]


Family {Vancouver WA & Battle Ground WA Family Photography}

Happy Thursday! I had a blast on a warm summers evening photographing this beautiful family! We met in a gorgeous field with tall grasses, wildflowers and the fragrance of nearby ripe blackberries filling the air. I so love that my job not only includes fantastic people but gorgeous settings to work in! I had the pleasure of photographing Ron and Renee's gorgeous wedding last summer and I'm so thrilled to have the opportunity to capture more precious moments of their beautiful family! I still have room on my August calendar for anyone wanting to take advantages of my August special of [...]


I’m Breaking up with Starbucks…

My friends and family all know I don't like coffee - of any kind. Maybe to be more specific I don't like the flavor of coffee. No matter how sugared, "syruped", or doctored up I can still taste the coffee and its yucky! :-? Years ago when the SB phenomenon began I was in a dilemma. My friends were gathering at SB for coffee and chatting and I didn't want to miss out. I would order a hot chocolate and feel like the kid in the group.... And then I discovered Chai - and I fell in love. My drink [...]


Summer Sale {Battle Ground, WA & Vancouver, WA – Senior and Family Photography}

  Hey, have you considered a family photo session? Or do you have a kiddo that will be a Senior in high school or college next year? If so I have excellent news to share! Anyone who books a family (regular or extended) session or a senior session will receive $50 off their total. The catch? Your photo session needs to happen anytime between now and August 31st. With our long days of Summer I am booking evening session Sundays thru Thursdays. There are also sessions available during the day. I will be handing out flyers at Harvest Days here [...]


Fun in the Sun and not so much fun in Camas

Oh it was a warm yummy, sunny weekend and we enjoyed it! We are so thankful for our boat. We have had it for over a decade and it has brought us so much joy! Project 365 Chaos 176/366 It seems the Brexit has caused some {chaos} in the world.  :-? An Errand 177/366 No {errands} for us this day. We just enjoyed some family time on the river. Josh was home after his first week in Bellevue and we picked up my Mom and her hubby and headed to the river. Of course the puppies joined in the fun! [...]


Summer has arrived!

It has been busy, busy with graduation pictures, parties, ceremonies, etc! With record breaking heat and pomp and circumstances playing there is no question that summer has arrived!   Of all the many, many, many graduations I have attended I have to say these two were some of my favorite speakers! I appreciate anyone who will put basketballs on their heads to make a point! As I sat there last night I thought back 7 and 5 years to when my kids were graduating from 8th grade. It was such a big deal in our world! And now that they [...]



I was hot, sweaty and in a hurry. But when I rounded the corner all I heard one word in my head "magical"  Not a word I generally use but it was the perfect word to describe what I was seeing. I was frantic with my camera because I didn't feel like I was capturing what my eyes were seeing. How on earth have I been missing this every year of my life? There is a trail (Tom McCall Point Trail) leading up from Rowena Crest - I have ridden my bike up to Rowena Crest several times - but [...]


Looking forward to the weekend!

I'm excited about another beautiful weekend for several reasons! Ty is coming home  :-D We have an adventure planned for Saturday I have mini sessions scheduled for Sunday (2 spots avail let me know!) I'm helping with an auction at CAA on Sunday The weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS  8-) Yesterday I was inspecting the garden and I was THRILLED to see some of my seeds have little green sprouts emerging!!! I get so impatient for that to happen! Of course Lucy promptly stepped on a few :-o What I see 118/366 More baby goats!!! My sweet friend Cindy [...]


Somedays I don't know what to say...   Today is one of those days. Here are my pictures from the weekend.  Thanks for stopping bye! A Collection 113/366 Yes, Miss Lucy is spoiled - but shes a dog so its ok!  ;-)  and no it wasn't easy to get her to pose! Kindness {off prompt} 114/366 I loved watching this beautiful public commitment to Christ! 12 year old Micah was baptized in the very cold river Saturday afternoon I loved his reaction! Morning 115/366 I expected a rainy grey morning on Sunday - It was Stunning!!!! We ventured in to the [...]

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